3 Keys to Compare When Buy Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands

To anyone who want to earn money from the Best Fabric Resistance Bands For Sale, you come to the right place. We will give you a definitive guide to help you select the right cloth resistance bands supplier for your business.

No matter you are a distributor of bulk fabric resistance bands, a fitness brand owner wanting to custom resistance bands in bulk quantity, or a personal trainer willing to import fabric glute bands to your gym members, you have to consider below questions before you buy bulk cotton resistance bands.

How do I know the quality of bulk resistance bands are good?
Where to find the best supplier of woven resistance bands?
How much should I spend on wholesale resistance bands?

You will know the answers after read over this blog.

Buy wholesale fabric resistance bands

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 3 Stand-out features of the best Fabric resistance bands for wholesale

1. Glute resistance bands neat surface and stitching

Fabric booty bands supplier neat surface and stitching

A hip circle band with good look is essential but not all suppliers can do this. If you look through customer reviews with image, you will find many stretch bands with messy surface.
Why does this happen? One probably reason is the spinning process is not done well.

To those direct manufacturers of fabric resistance bands, they produce yarn by advanced machines, therefore, they can guarantee the raw material of fabric booty bands are good. While things are different for other factories who do semi-finished products. They purchase cotton resistance bands material from others, then do cutting & sewing job to make finished elastic exercise bands. The yarn quality is out of their control, they can only count on carefully quality check to prevent such things happen.

Besides, a sturdy stitching matters more because it will ensure your customers won’t get injured when using your woven resistance bands. So you’d better choose fabric loop bands with Cross-X stitching, or at least double stitching, and stay away from poor sewing which may break out easily.

Therefore, before you buy booty straps in bulk, you can ask the supplier if they are direct manufacture who everything from spinning to cutting and final sewing all in one place.

2. Multiple resistance levels with anti slip design

cloth resistance bands anti slip design

Considering the different physical conditions of your customers, we suggest you to buy fabric glute resistance bands with various strength levels. Most workout bands in the market are a bundle of 3 levels: light for beginners, medium for most people, heavy for advanced trainers. There are some experienced fabric workout bands factory who can do more than 3 resistance levels, this is a better choice for your business in the long run.
The anti slip design gives your customers better workout experience, they don’t have to worry about fabric stretch band slip down or roll up during exercises.

3. Great elasticity and durable

hip circle resistance exercise bands with good elasticity KEEPUFITNESS

Another feature you have to check is the stretching performance of fabric workout bands. As the degree of stretch increases, the resistance provided by the elastic band increases. Therefore, best fabric resistance bands are all with excellent elasticity, which provide more flexibility for your resistance training routine.

How to spot the best fabric resistance bands wholesale supplier for you

Different from retail business that focus on customers, wholesale business should pay more attention to find a trustworthy supplier. A reliable supplier can provide qualified cloth resistance bands to keep you away from negative reviews, as well as reasonable price so you can win more profit from wholesale resistance bands.

Many of you may wonder is it better to purchase wholesale cloth resistance bands from factory or a trading company? Below are pros and cons for your reference.

1. Fabric exercise bands manufacturer VS trading company


Pros of trading company

Various product category is the biggest strength of a trading company.
At a trading company, you can freely choose more fitness accessories related to fabric bands, such as barbell pad, core sliders, jump rope, yoga mat, etc. Buying various of exercise equipment at one place can save your time and make delivery easier.

Besides, trading company are more likely to accept lower minimum order quantity. If your business is just getting started and you’d like to order less pieces of resistance training bands, a trading company is more suitable to you. Normally bands manufacturers always ask for MOQ of 1000pcs.

Furthermore, a trading company has good customer service and familiar with international business & global shipping.

Cons of trading company

You may not get the lowest price from a trading company, because you are dealing with a middle man.
Trading companies are more likely to provide ordinary bands in regular colors and specifications. They don’t do production job, so don’t have access to make a custom logo fabric resistance bands for wholesale.



Pros of manufacturer

Exercise fabric bands manufactures have more professional knowledge of products, from raw material to final product. If you want to learn things about fabric bands, you should turn to a factory rather than a trading company.

Besides, qualified workout resistance bands manufacturer always have particular team to do quality control to avoid inferior product. This is really important to your business. We’ve seen too many cases of losing customers because of poor quality fabric stretch bands.

In addition to this, an experience manufacturer can help you make personalized fabric resistance bands for wholesale in different colors, printings, specifications, etc according to your requirements. This help you become a standout in similar competitors.

Cons of manufacturer

Products offering by a direct manufacture is limited, they can only specialized in 1 category or 2, because of the restriction of production equipment. A factory cannot be expert both in commercial gym equipment and small fitness accessories. Too many production lines can distract the factory’s resources and make them not specialized in anything.

On the other side, the MOQ required by fabric bands manufacturer is always higher than a trading company. Factories don’t pay much attention to small batch orders because they want to spend more resources on large ones with higher pay back. However, if you are purchasing large quantities of exercise bands, you can get lower price from a manufacturer rather than a trading company.



If you want to import different categories of fitness accessories, such as yoga product, resistance bands, gym equipment, and don’t willing to wast time searching for different factories, you can turn to a trading company to make payment and delivery easier.

If you have regular suppliers for other products and only want to find someone to support your business of fabric resistance bands, a exercise band manufacture is a smarter choice, because they can support any of your customization requirements, and most importantly, you reduce the expenses in supply chain.


2. Customization capacity

Fabric Resistance Bands Wholesale Supplier Keepufitness

Suppliers for those ordinary fabric exercise bands are easy to find. But if you want to surpass your competitors, we suggest you to looking further for more experienced bands manufacturers, who are able to help you create your own custom resistance bands with logo.

In addition to making your resistance bands unique, factories with customization capabilities are often better suppliers with certain strengths. They have qualified quality of training bands, guaranteed delivery time, and can give you more support in the long run.


3. Cooperating ability

Customer service is an important factor to consider when purchasing fabric bands in large quantity. And the judgement standard is simple: if you like the person you are talking to.

Everyone want to get the lowest price, however, someone with lowest price may not care about your orders like you do, you can feel this during communication. A best supplier may not offering the lowest price, but they must be patience to any of your questions. They reply to you faster than others, show more expertise, always consider more for you, and show a strong willingness to cooperate with you. Even if there is something they can’t accomplish, they will patiently explain to you why and suggest alternatives instead of simply saying no.



Whether you can continue to profit from fabric resistance bands, the selection of high-quality products and reliable suppliers plays a key role.
High-quality resistance bands keep your customers safe during exercises and help you win more good reviews.
Reliable supplier helps you create custom resistance bands with personalized designs, and leave your competitors behind.

Hope you find this article useful for your selection of products and suppliers. But if you have any other questions or need further assistance, you can always contact us for a free consolation.

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