All You Must Know Before Pick Hip Resistance Bands Into Your Gym Bag

Hip Resistance Bands, without doubt, are the most essential and versatile investment for a leaner and healthier body shape. In this article we’ll introduce what hip resistance bands are, why the hip bands really work, how you benefit from training with them, what the types of hip resistance bands, and how to select good quality hip exercise bands.

KEEPUFITNESS hip resistance bands pack of 3 for Women

What is hip resistance band?

Hip Resistance Band is one category of Resistance Bands. As you can tell from its name, the elastic loop bands, which is also known as hip circles, booty bands, or butt bands, are made of thick and soft cotton with elastic inner grip, they are mainly used for shaping a perfect butt by intensify the training difficulty when you do lower body workouts like hip thrusts, squats, and crab walks. Here KEEPUFITNESS manufacturer high quality hip resistance bands at affordable price which can improve your lower body performance when doing personal workouts.

The benefits of hip resistance bands

Do resistance bands really work?

Resistance Bands have excellent effect on lower body shaping and muscle strengthening. Its principle of action is to make the muscles engaged more by providing external force during your workouts. Your target muscles have to work harder to against the resistance from hip resistance bands, in this way you burn more calories, lose more weight compared with not using them.

The benefits of hip resistance bands:

  • Get rid of flat and small butt

Hip bands can effectively strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, therefore shape a more well-proportioned hip and leg curve. You can get a sexy butt by using the hip circle bands properly and consistently.

  • Active your gluts and hips

You can use the hip resistance band to wake up the leg muscles. Before your fitness routine, do some easy going warm up exercises with the help of a booty circle band, to make your target body part ready for training.

  • Improve core stabilization and mobility

The booty loop band perform better for your hip abduction exercises by targeting small muscle groups and strengthening the engaged muscle power.

  • More significant training effect

You can easily feel the fat burning when let hip bands involved, which makes you better focus on the target muscle. Even half an hour per day exercises with resistance bands, you’ll see the body is changing better.

  • Multifunctional and portable for all kinds of workouts

Hip bands are available in 3 sizes, suitable for all people no matter for beginners or athletes, and they fit most of leg training workouts you can find on Youtube. The bundle 3 with small storage bag is good for all gym bag to let you start training wherever you like.

The variety of hip resistance bands:

Even though all of them are made of same material of fabric or cotton with elastic rubber, hip bands can be divided into 5 categories according to the appearance.

Booty exercise resistance bands for home gym workouts

  • Pack of 3 in different length

All hip bands use the same ratio of raw materials ( cotton and elastic rubber ) but in different sizes.

Small hip band 13 inches

Medium hip band 15 inches

Large hip band 18 inches

KEEPUFITNESS Hip booty band Pack of 3 in same length

  • Pack of 3 in same length

All hip bands are made in same length of 15 inches ( or other customized size) but with different ratio of raw materials to distinguish their resistance levels.

Light 15inches / 90 LBS

Medium 15 inches / 120 LBS

Heavy 15 inches / 150 LBS

adjustable hip circle resistance loop bands for leg training

  • Adjustable length hip booty band

This is a single piece of resistance band as long as 35 inches with a plastic buckle to adjust the circle length to fit everyone. The advantage is fully personalized design which can meet individual requirements.

custom design printing exercise bands for lower body leg training

  • Printing hip bands

It provides more option for the hip band appearance. You can do design any unique and creative printing artwork on the resistance bands to distinguish your brand from common ones.

new trending resistance bands set of 5 KEEPUFITNESS

  • Pack of 5 in 2 inches width

Normally this kind of hip band length is 26 inches with 2 inches width. Different from above ones, this hip booty loop is thinner and narrower which can be used not only for lower body training but also for upper body workouts.

4 tips let you know to choose premium hip resistance bands

Read until here you already know all basic information of hip resistance bands, next we are going to tell you how to select best hip bands for women.

anti slip hip circle resistance booty bands KEEPUFITNESS

  • Choose a hip band with anti-slip design

The inner anti-slip design can keep the hip band stay firmly on where you put it and prevent it from slipping down.

overlapped stitching sturdy booty loop exercise bands good quality KEEPUFITNESS

  • Choose a resistance band with sturdy stitching on the connection part

The hip band would load much stretching power during your workouts so it’s crucial to make sure the connecting part is sewed nicely and sturdy. An overlapped stitching guarantees the safety of the band and yourself.

hip circle resistance exercise bands with good elasticity KEEPUFITNESS

  • Choose hip exercise bands with good elasticity

The quality of rubber material determines a band has good or poor elasticity. And the band elasticity determines if you can achieve a better training result. Normally a good quality hip circle band can be stretched to 2-3 times.

  • Choose a glute loop band that will match your ability

Blindly pursue the largest tension is the common and biggest mistake. Instead, you should choose the resistance hip band according to your ability and body weight.


Hip bands are absolutely the most valuable fitness product that will be used frequently and should last you a long time. If you are looking to pick one for your gym bag, KEEPUFITNESS apply fully choices for all kinds of hip bands you can find in the market, contact us to know more details or get Free Sample Delivery.

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