A study published by Cambridge Open Engage, in May 2020, concluded that people weekly physical activity was reduced after COVID-19-related restrictions, as well as large increases in sitting time and screen time. In this article we’ll discuss how this sedentary lifestyle worsen mental health and how we can achieve a better life when have to stay at home.


Disadvantages of working from home

  1. Lack of physical activities is the significant risk of working from home. To most workers, walking from home to the train station or bus station, stepping between different offices, going outside for lunch are the only exercises they take every day. While these are not necessary currently because of the suggestions of stay at home as much as we can. All movements are confined indoors, the longest distance you walk per day is just from your bedroom to living room.


  1. You’ll find it’s hard to focus on work when you stay at home. There are so many things unrelated to work happens when you open the laptop and ready to work. Your families may have meals, listen to music, talk about funny things, watch TV, children play and yell. All these sounds coming to your ear and make it difficult to concentrate on what you plan to do. The line between work and non-work are blurring, you may find yourself working all the time but with low efficiency.


  1. Without physical contact with colleagues leads depression and loneliness. When you face a hard work and want to discuss with someone, or finally finish a challenge work and want to share the happiness, unfortunately, no one is around. You are the only one who take care of all the moods. This is too bad, no?


  1. Irregular schedule happens often when you are working from home. You may already turn the alarm clock off as no need to take early bus to workplace. You may feel back pain as a result of laying on bad spend hours for business calls or video meetings. You tend to sleep late or eat much to reduce the pressure bring by social isolation, which cause more healthy problems.


After knowing all these risks of working from home, you must realize this sedentary lifestyle has to be changed. How do we improve this unhealthy condition? No doubt that daily certain extent of exercises are necessary.


Benefits of exercising from home

1. Home workouts help to control your body weight.

It’s well known that exercises have many benefits like speed up metabolism, burn extra calories, lose fat, improve body control, reform body shape. Many researches show that people tend to put more weight when break normal schedule or eat more when have mental stress. Daily exercises are your best choice to improve these conditions.

2. Doing strength training exercises makes better concentration.

You have to keep your mind on the workouts to follow up the rhythm. Focusing on every single movement, finishing a complete series of training, feeing the sensation of sweating, even just half an hour you find yourself have a sense of accomplishment and have more passion to get into work.

3. Home gym exercise does, in fact, help you fall asleep more quickly and improves sleep quality.

People are more prone to fatigue after exercise Physical activities help relieve stress and make a person feel more relaxed. After a good quality sleep, you’ll in better mood and mental health to deal with work more efficiently.

4. Fitness workout at home is the most safe and economical way to improve your physical heath.

Instead of spending much money for training machines,buying a set of resistance bands or hip booty bands is a better choice as they are cheap and easy to carry.You can do exercises anytime you like,without worrying about taking a certain time,walking out to the gym and waiting in lines to use the commercial machines.


How to start a fitness exercise routine at home?

  1. Make a dedicated space at home to do your exercises.
  2. Starting your day with an exercise routine.
  3. Get some basic and essential equipment to set up your home gym,like workout mat, resistance bands, jump rope and dumbbells.
  4. Create a schedule that suit to you and adhere strictly.
  5. Make realistic goals for your exercises and mark the ones you’ve achieve, to inspire you to insist on home strength training.


5 Benefits of use resistance bands for workout routine at home

Resistance training is essential for optimal muscle strength and development. We are here to tell you the reasons to use resistance bands to assist your strength training and body shaping.

1. Resistance band indeed works on most of your exercises.

When you ask those who have ever used a resistance band for their personal training about do resistance bands workouts really work, the answers, without exception, must be YES! Resistance bands are the most effective solutions for your personal exercises, they have outstanding performance on increase strength and build muscle. Using a resistance band means you have to try harder and use more strength as your muscles are contracting against the band, this leads to your body burning fat than without a band.

2. Elastic exercise bands are the great alternative to gym equipment.

Even spending $5000 on a home gym equipment doesn’t mean you’ll have a better result on home exercises. Take a look at your treadmill, think about how much space it takes and how many times you use it. Spend a lot of money in returns of what? While resistance bands are totally anther thing. It’s cost effective as most of the bands are less than $20 and it’s light weighted (even the heaviest resistance tube set is 1kg at most) and takes tiny space, especially most resistance bands are with a pouch for store.

3. Elastic training bands are highly recommended because they are easy to use.

Unlike barbell weight plates which needs time to load and unload during exercises, a resistance band is quite easy and safe. Just put an exercise band around the body parts where you want to train and start up, that’s all. It’s quite common to use an elastic band for exercises of chest, back, shoulder, inner thigh and other small muscle groups which you may ignore when using a gym machine. More exercise options can be achieved by stretching an elastic band.

4. Fitness exercise bands are suitable to everyone as long as you choose them correctly.

There are many varieties of resistance band but they all have a common feature which is different resistance levels are available. The tensions are easily distinguished by certain color codes and band thickness. Once you find the weight gets easier, you need to use another thicker band to increase the resistance, or combine different resistance levels to meet your training goal. Remember to increase the weight step by step and feel the external force which help to concentrate your muscle.

5. Training with elastics bands is proven to reduce the risk of injury.

Different from dumbbells, it puts less force on your joints even when you use the heavy duty resistance bands, as the muscle groups are involved in more range. Exercise bands are friendly to those who have joint pain and allow them to do rehibitions and therapy in a proper way which is easy to accept.


Give a try to add KEEPUFITNESS resistance bands to your fitness routine, share your achievements to get an admirable figure from friends!

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