Booty Workouts With No Gym Equipment at Home

It’s a very common situation that most women have the problem of a flat butt, which means the butt muscles – glutes lack strength or they are not active. Check if you have these habits which make your booty appear flatter: sit too much no matter at home or at work, or rarely do exercising especially target the certain butt muscle, or unhealthy lifestyle of eating too much sugar and salt. If the answer is yes, you’d better keep reading this article to change yourself more beauty and healthy.


The key pints of getting a nice butt are ① Wake up your glut muscles and ② target your glutes during workouts to add lean muscle. It’s not as easy as it looks, you need to keep motivated and do strength training for at least 3 months to achieve your fitness goals. So don’t quite too soon, don’t skip your workouts, plan your meals and better to have a support team. After months of training, you’ll see the result: rounder, more shapely set of glutes and you’ll be grateful for every second you have persisted.


4 Glute Exercises at Home to make your butt rounder and bigger


Before start up, you need to invest in several basic equipment like Yoga mat which is used most often, Hip Booty Band (or Latex Resistance Band) to provide sort of external resistance, Ankle Weights for overload.


1. Glute Bridge

Lying on a yoga mat with your heels flat on the ground, you push up your hip upwards to the sky, hold and squeeze your buttock hardly, then lower back down. To achieve a better result, imagine a piece of paper is between your butt which is not allowed to fall down on the floor, that’s how hard you need to squeeze your hip.

Glute Bridge variations:

Glute Bridge Wide: move your feet a little wider apart so that they are even wider than your hip width and do basic glute bridge. Your knees are staying in one line, don’t collapse your knees inwards.

Glute bridge close: put your feet at most to each other and perform the glute bridge.

Glute Bridge walk out: do a glute bridge and stay at the highest position,walking your feet to the front and to the back.Remember to walk only with heels and keep squeeze the butt.


Note of Glute Bridge: All of your weights are one heels, always push through heels to the upper position, squeeze butt as hard as you can, never release the tension, always have them engaged。

2. Calm Shells

Clam shells are the best exercise to train both glut and inner thigh. Lie on one side with your feet and hips stacked, bending the leg a little bit for stability control, put your head resting on your arm. Raise the upper leg as much as you can without shifting your hips or pelvis, hold and squeeze your hip for one second, then get back slowly. You can put a resistance band above your knees to increase the difficulty. The movement might be tiny because your hip is not active and with high muscle tension, try to open the leg a little bit more every time you do this exercise.


3.Fire Hydrant

Put your hands and knees on the yoga mat, lift one leg toward your side, keeping your core tight, squeezing the hip as much as you can for 1 second, then lay back down slowly. Don’t do this movement too fast, just focus on the muscle you are training and feel controlled.



Squats are the most effective way to train your glutes to a rounder butt. It is an amazing exercise but very like a movement that you can do with a lot of mistakes. Your position is very important, you have to pay attention to how you move the body and how to engage all the muscles.


Your feet are a little wider than your shoulder, apart your toes pointing a tiny bit upwards, look straight to the front, stretch your chest with your shoulders go back. You sit your hip backwards on an imaginary chair, pay attention to your knees as they should behind your toes or maximum in one straight line with your toes, and you are going to reach the lowest position and then push yourself up again and squeeze your butt as much as you can. You can feel your glute muscles working more by adding an exercise hip band above your knees.


You should do squats slowly, controlled and always look straightly, and make the core engaged.


Common mistakes to avoid:

You should start with sitting back rather than bending your knees to the front.

Never let your knees go inwards but push them outwards.

Wrongly put the body weight on your toes. All your entire weight should be on your heels and push your body up with them.

Don’t just put up then over. Remember to squeeze your butt for 1 second to enhance the training.


Squats is highly recommended because it woks all of your muscles, basically the entire body, not only your legs and butt.


Squat Variation:

Squat with Pulse: Squat down and pule for 1 second and back up. The pulse makes the training a little bit harder.

Wide Squat: Stand in a very wide position, squat down with your right leg while the left leg is straight, and put yourself up through the heel of your right foot, squeeze your right butt on your way up and squeeze it even more at the top position. Remember there’s no weight on the toes, all the weight is down with the heel.

Squat and Calve Raise: Do squat then go up include a half raise with your heel leave the mat, squeezing your butt when go up.


Sculpt your glutes with exercises, build muscle with healthy diet, your butt can look great as long as you keep doing these basic workouts at home.

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