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Are you looking for wholesale fabric resistance bands to grow your business? Partner with China Manufacturer To Custom Your Resistance Bands For Booty.

Keepufitness is a China factory supplying wholesale fabric booty bands to shop owners who sell on Amazon, Shopify, or on their company websites. With years of experience in global trading for fitness products, we have been supporting 300+ brands all over the world.

If you are looking for a reliable resistance band supplier for your online business, Keepufitness is your best choice. You can not only get best glute bands at wholesale price, but also comprehensive solutions to increase your sales.

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2024 Top Rated Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands

Why Choose Keepufitness As Your Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands Supplier?

  • Flexible customization for your choice.

Partner with the direct woven resistance bands factory, you are able to custom your bands separate from competitors. We do require order minimums for wholesale orders.

  1. Custom logo or printing: MOQ 200 pcs.
  2. Custom Panton color: MOQ  500 pcs.
  3. Custom designed package box: MOQ 1000pcs.
  • Guaranteed delivery time

Different from retail orders, wholesale fabric resistance bands orders generally take longer days. The good thing is our factory has good production capacity and can complete bulk orders in 15-25 days. You will get compensation if we miss the agreed delivery date.

  • On time communication

You get the most prompt reply from Keepufitness team no matter before or after your purchase. Due to time difference between China and other countries, we may not able to reply in a second during certain period, but most times we are able to react within 10 hours.

  • Global door to door delivery

To entrepreneurs who import from China for the first time, we provide global door to door delivery to save your effort. You can track the whole transport process as we work with reputable UPS with good rates.

  • Payment plan for wholesale orders

We provide installment plans for small and medium business with tight budget. You can pay partial to start the production and do final installment when your order is completed.

Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands China Manufacturer - Keepufitness

keepufitness fabric resistance bands production line
Keepufitness resistance bands manufacturer quality inspection
Keepufitness hip band workshop

Get Questions for Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands?

  • Can I do wholesale fabric resistance bands with my custom label?

Yes we can produce custom logo on fabric booty bands with MOQ 200 pcs.

  • Are your wholesale fabric resistance bands anti slip?

Yes we supply non slip fabric resistance bands for wholesale. Actually this exercise band is made of polyester + rubber. The no slip rubbers inside keep bands on your leg and provide intense resistance to your glute workout.

  • Can I order a single band instead of set of 3?

Yes you can order single band in light, medium, or heavy resistance. However, we do suggest a set of 3 as it provides more variety to your fabric resistance bands workout.

  • What’s the package for wholesale fabric resistance bands?

Single band in opp bag, 3 pieces in a mesh bag with your logo.

  • Can I do custom color or custom printing on resistance bands?

Yes the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces.

  • Can I get a wholesale price for bulk order custom resistance bands?

Yes you will get a special discount for orders over 1000 pieces.

  • How long can I get my bulk order?

The production time is 15-25 days based on your order quantity.

Air express delivery takes 4-6 days.

Sea shipping + door to door delivery takes 18-22 days.

  • I’m interested in wholesale fabric resistance bands, how can I get a sample?

To give you a detailed and exact quotation sheet, please send your inquiry with specific customization requirements, you will get a satisfied reply within 10 hours.

Display of Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands We Make

Best Resistance Bands For Glutes - Comprehensive Guide

What Are The Benefits of A Fabric Resistance Band?

If you are running an online store for fitness products, fabric resistance bands are something you could not miss to satisfy your customers.

Fabric resistance band, also know as booty band or hip band, is the best resistance band for men and women to shape a bigger booty. 

Fabric glute bands help to target, active, and strengthen your muscle effectively by creating constant tension to your lower body.

Booty band exercises for glutes and legs are the most effective solutions to help you improve lower body performance. You can do various of exercise with fabric resistance bands for booty such as glute activation, donkey kicks, glute bridge, glute kickback, lateral walk, monster walk, squats, hip thrust, etc. All these booty band intense workouts help you build target muscle and get strong curves

Are Fabric Resistance Bands Better Than Latex Resistance Bands?

When searching for the best resistance bands for legs, you may notice that there are 2 different types: fabric resistance bands and latex / rubber resistance bands. Let’s start from comparing the difference between them.

Fabric Resistance Bands


custom printing booty band set

As you can tell from the name, fabric resistance bands are made of polyester mix elastic rubber. Polyester makes a band soft and comfortable, while elastic rubber makes it stretchable and provide certain resistance to your body during exercises at home.

Generally, fabric resistance bands are sold as a set of 3, comes with a carrying bag. However, there are also single piece of fabric glute band on sale for beginners to try.

Pros of fabric resistance bands

  1. Don’t roll up or slip: fabric exercise bands are thick and wide, so they won’t roll up like latex bands. With non slip design, you don’t have to stop and adjust the booty bands during exercises.
  2. Won’t rip or tear: fabric glute bands material are very durable and designed to last for long time.
  3. Provide more resistance: if you have tried both kinds of resistance bands, you can easily tell that fabric hip bands are much more stronger than latex mini loop bands. Therefore, fabric exercise bands can provide more resistance to your lower body, which make it more efficient to help you build a booty.

Cons of fabric resistance bands

  1. They may not suitable to everyone. Someone may prefer the higher resistance that a fabric booty band provides, on the contrary, some beginners may find it harder to use.
  2.  Woven booty bands has only 3 resistance levels, where as latex loop bands has 5 or more levels to choose from.
  3. Cloth resistance bands are not as stretchable as latex ones, so they are less versatile and not suitable for upper body toning workouts.

The good thing we’d like to share with you is that Keepufitness have find solutions to overcome above shortcomings to satisfy our clients. As an experienced custom resistance bands manufacturer and factory, we come up with Fabric Mini Bands which is smaller size, less strength but with more resistance levels and friendly to beginners. Meanwhile, we provide Long Fabric Resistance Bands for upper body stretching workouts such as chest and back exercises.

Latex Resistance Bands


Keepufitness latex resistance bands loop for wholesale

This kind of elastic band is made from natural latex, and generally come in a bundle pack of 5 varied resistance levels. Manufacturers can provide multi strength levels of latex bands by adjusting a band thickness.
Latex bands are more stretchable and you can do a lot more versatile exercises. Latex loop bands are not only suitable for glute workout or leg strength training, but good for building and toning your upper body.

Besides, as latex loop bands don’t put pressure on joints, some light bands are also ideal for physical therapy or injury recovery.

Pros of latex resistance bands

  1. Easy to carry and storage: latex bands are light weighted and portable to everyone, you can just put it in your bag and start resistance training anywhere at anytime.
  2. Plenty of resistance levels to give you a better workout experience.
  3. Cost less money: latex loop bands are cheaper than fabric booty bands.

Cons of latex resistance bands

    1. Cause discomfort as latex tends to stick on your skin or pull hair when you are not wearing leggings.
    2.  They may roll up when over stretched, which is quite annoying as you have to stop and adjust it to the right place from time to time.
    3.  They cause allergic reactions to those who are allergic to latex.

A Head-to-head Comparison: Fabric Resistance Bands vs Rubber Resistance Bands

hip circle resistance exercise bands with good elasticity KEEPUFITNESS
mini loop band

Now you already have an overall understanding of fabric resistance bands. But you may still cannot decide which one is better.

No worries, as the expert in manufacturing wholesale fabric resistance bands for years, we are here to help you expand your knowledge. Before you purchase resistance bands in bulk from China, you must consider the following points:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Fitness goals
  • Design
  • Price

Comfort: no doubt that fabric booty resistance bands are more comfortable than latex bands, as they don’t roll up or stick on your skin. As long as you circle a fabric booty band on your leg and you are good to do resistance training.

Durability: fabric booty bands is the winner as they are thick, wide, and won’t snap even after long time of stretching. What’s more, you can wash them after sweat a lot, without worrying they will tear out.

Fitness goals: if you are looking for upper body workout bands, or a beginner who don’t have much strength on lower body, we suggest you to start from latex loop bands and adding more resistance step by step. While, if you’d like to target and tone your glute more efficiently, fabric booty bands are your first choice.

Design: latex bands are all single color, although there are different color codes from different factory. Whereas you have more options on fabric custom resistance bands, as there are many attractive custom printing on fabric resistance bands, such as leopard printing booty bands, marbling glute bands, and dozens of personalized designs.

Price: Retail price for latex resistance bands set of 5 ranges from $10 – $20. Retail price for fabric booty bands set of 3 ranges from $20 -$30. If you buy wholesale resistance bands in bulk from direct factory, you may get a better price, but fabric bands indeed cost more because they are more durable and comfortable, most of all, they are more popular.

Final words: if you are a beginner and looking for light resistance and versatile option, latex booty bands are best for you. But please keep in mind that they will roll up or cause allergic reaction.

If you are experienced for resistance training and looking to build booty fast, fabric booty bands are the best choice as they target your hips, legs, and glutes more efficiently.

Your Must-Have Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands Buying Guide for 2023

As a qualified supplier of fabric resistance bands at wholesale price, Keepufitness team have seen plenty of cases that shopkeepers spend a lot of time and money whereas don’t get the products they expected. So we realize that it’s necessary for our clients to learn more before buying custom resistance bands in bulk.

If you come up with the idea to sell fabric resistance bands online or at your gym, or you are interested in making your own resistance bands with private label, this buying guide is exactly for you to save thousands of dollars.

Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands: 5 Problems You Could Face

custom fabric resistance band supplier for wholesale Keepufitness
  1. Minimum order quantity is out of your expectation.

Resistance band factory you find may not willing to accept small quantity of order. Generally most fabric resistance band manufacturers in China would require a MOQ of 500pcs for custom printing or custom color.

        2. Price gap between different suppliers is a headache to those who purchase custom resistance bands in bulk for the first time.

Each factory has its own cost of raw material, production process, labor, and logistics, resulting in difference prices from each other. And you can hardly tell if it lead to a different product quality in the end.

        3. You can hardly get a on-time communication due to time difference when dealing with resistance band suppliers in China.

        4. Lead time for bulk wholesale orders is usually as long as 25 days, let alone extra days for global shipping.

        5. After-sales service in international trade is often a concern. Some factories just disappear after delivery and you have no access to reach them once there’s any quality problem.

How to Compare and Choose Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands Manufacturers in 2023?

To avoid the problems mentioned above, you have to spend some time to investigate and select a qualified and supportive supplier to make your own fabric resistance bands with branded logo. How to do that? Here are some useful tips.

  1. Discuss as much details as you can, such as your custom requirements for fabric resistance bands, package options, your order quantity, your required delivery time. The more you tell, the more exact price you can get.
  2. Consider if you like the sales representative. It may sounds weird but trust me, you cannot make a happy deal with someone you don’t like to talk to. A professional, responsible and kind person will save you much effort during the whole process.
  3. Ask more questions before you make the final deal, how long the production takes, how to ship bulk orders to you, how do they handle quality problems after delivery, if there’s any extra cost when you receive the shipment, consider all these features when buy custom resistance bands, rather than focus on price only.
  4. You have to review real product pictures or factory videos to confirm if you are talking to a direct resistance bands factory. Some companies are just copying images from others and pretending to be theirs, in fact they don’t produce bands.
  5. Gather samples from 2-3 companies to review product quality and custom service, and choose the one you like the most.

What you shouldn’t do when negotiating with fabric resistance bands manufacturers:

  1. Don’t ask for a price without any instructions, at least you should tell the supplier if you require a logo or not. The most experienced factories will not reply an inquiry without any information but ask for a price.
  2. Don’t boast your order quantity. Most companies have price range for different wholesale orders, assuredly you can get a better offer for bigger orders, but if you get a low price by pretend to ordering large quantity and then tell the factory you are just ordering 50pcs, we don’t think it’s a friendly manner.
  3. Don’t tell the factory that you are contacting different companies and ask them to quote a bottom price. This does no help for you to get a best price, as they are not sure if you are really buying or just comparing prices.

How to Select the Best Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands for You: 3 Signs and Features

  1. Prioritize Quality

    Comfort and durability are the key features you should look for when selecting fabric resistance bands for your business. How do you check these? You have to get samples from the supplier and test them by yourself. Examine the package when you receive the sample, because the package of your bulk order is likely to be the same. And then circle a booty band on your body to see if the material is friendly to your skin. At last you should inspect a band in detail to see if the stitching are super durable and won’t get loose after repeated stretching.

  2. Varying Resistance Levels to Enhance Different Strength Training Programs

    It’s not hard to find a bundle set of fabric resistance bands in 3 resistance levels. But please keep in mind that bands from different suppliers may have different resistance, even though they are all labeled in light or medium level. You’d better to test different samples and decide which one is more effective.

  3. Budget-friendly

    We don’t suggest you to choose cheap bands with inferior quality, which will cause you many negative feedback from your customers. You may think fine, I’ll choose the expensive one, be careful about this, as many bands are overrated. A balance between price and quality would be your best option.

How Much Would You Spend On Wholesale Fabric Resistance Bands?

We find that there are large percent of people are not familiar with wholesale fabric resistance bands from China factory. In addition to the price of product, there are many factors that affect the cost of fabric resistance bands when planning your investment, such as logo mold fee, delivery cost, customs and duties, etc. You’d better ask the supplier to indicate these cost in advance, so you have an overall idea of the total cost you have to pay.

Some resistance bands manufacturers have great source of shipping with fast DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) service, which means you don’t need to pay any extra money during the whole process. If you could find such a reliable resistance bands supplier with rich export experience, you will save much effort and money for your wholesale orders. 

How to Order Custom Printed Fabric Resistance Bands?

Keepufitness wholesale fabric clothe resistance bands China supplier and vendors

Deal with Keepufitness – the direct factory and manufacturer of resistance bands, we help you design your own bands at affordable prices.

We specialized in OEM / ODM services for B2B wholesale business, and there’s a required Minimum Order Quantity for patterned fabric resistance bands. Fill out below inquiry form or Email to [email protected] to get a detailed solution for wholesale fabric resistance bands orders.


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