How To Choose The Right Resistance Band To Grow Your Business?

Which Resistance Band Should You Choose to Attract More Customers? Check This New Guide from Resistance Band Supplier to Help You Expand Your Business.

Resistance band training has become a popular program while exercising from home. Coming along with this fitness trending, the demand of high quality resistance bands and other home workout equipment is raising rapidly. It’s a great chance to attract more customers by introducing resistance bands to your current business.

Before you do that, though, it’s important to ask yourself some key questions:
Which kind of resistance band is the best?
Where can find a trustworthy resistance band supplier to support my business?

Don’t worry, here you will find all you need to know about resistance bands. After read this article, you’ll know how to select the best resistance bands from China supplier to grow your business.

What is a resistance band used for?

Resistance Bands are essential and effective equipment for strength training at home. They also can be used for physical therapy or Pilates stretching. They are good to build muscle, increase your body flexibility, improve your core strength, and help to train every muscle group of your whole body.

What are the benefits of using resistance bands?

Benefits For Your Retail Customers:
1. Cost-effective
Resistance band price ranges from $10 to $50, which makes it affordable to everyone without breaking the bank.
2. Add variety to their workouts
People can pull, push, curl with a resistance band to add more possibilities to their workout routine. By stretching an elastic band from different angles, your client can tone proper muscle groups as well as target small muscle groups.
3. Multi levels
You may notice that most exercise bands are available in various colors and sizes, and each of them stands for a certain resistance level. So your clients can choose the most suitable one according to their ability. Besides, they can easily add or reduce the strength by combine different resistance bands.
4. Get a better result
Resistance bands makes a workout training more effective. By providing extra resistance against your body, they help your customers focus better on their body control and flexibility.
Benefits For Your Business:
1. Attract more customers
You’ll be missing out a lot of potential customers if there’s no resistance bands in your product category. If you are doing E-commerce, it’s smart to introduce resistance training bands to your online store to increase your sales. If you are running a fitness gyms, you can also make training programs with exercise bands to expand your audience.
2. Save your money on shipping
As we all know, logistics cost place a very important role in a successful business. One good thing for resistance bands is that they are light weighted and don’t cost you much on delivery. No matter import resistance bands in bulk from China, or you resell to your customers, the shipping cost is relatively low.
3. Gain more repeat orders
Even though good quality resistance exercise bands are designed to last long, there are always new desires from customers. They may need to replace to higher resistance levels of training bands, or may interested in another material of bands to achieve more fitness workouts, or may prefer latest printing designs / colors to catch the trend. No matter what, people get large probability to purchase again and again.
4. Increase your overall profit
Customers who buy your resistance bands for training, may also buy other relevant products at the same time. Combined sales of different products can raise the total order amount, thus can increase the final profit you get from each customer.

Can resistance bands replace weights?

A study in 2019 has proven that that resistance training with elastic resistance band provides similar strength gains when compared to resistance training performed from conventional devices. Moreover, resistance bands are safer than free weights, you don’t need to worry about the weights hitting your foot and getting hurt.

However, there’s indeed difference between these 2 kinds of tools. Free weights can only provide resistance in a vertical plane, on the contrary, elastic bands can provide continues resistance no mater which direction you are stretching to.

But which one is better? We’d say it depends on your fitness goals. If you are looking to build serious muscle mass, a free weight is better. If you are aiming to train flexibility or increase your range of motion, we recommend resistance bands. When you are not able to go to a gym, or prefer working out from home, or looking for a fitness solution during travel, resistance bands is absolutely the best choice.

Good thing is you can use resistance bands and free weights at the same time. By adding resistance bands to barbell or kettle bells, you can maximize the results and build more explosion during exercises.
power bands pull up with weights

By now, you’ve probably been thinking about buying resistance band in bulk. Before you do, we suggest you to get more information about how to choose the correct resistance band.

Which type of resistance band is the best?

Resistance bands, also known as exercise bands, elastic bands, or fitness training bands, exist in a variety of forms such as: loop bands, flat bands and resistance tubes. The common thing is that each of them have different colors and resistance levels. Then, what’s the difference?

Loop Band is a continuous circle which you can put on your wrists, hips or legs to help you target a certain group of muscle while exercise. It’s more used for strength training and body building.
There are various types of loop bands, however, designed for different fitness goals.

1. Fabric Booty Bands – Best for Glute Workouts

Fabric Resistance Bands Wholesale Supplier Keepufitness

Fabric Booty Bands are one of the most popular ones for lower body exercises. They are made of polyester mix rubber, normally come with 3 resistance levels of Light, Medium, Heavy. This kind of hip band is much thicker and wider, therefore, they never roll up or slip down like mini loops. Besides, they provide more strength to your muscle group and make a better training result. Fabric booty bands are something you can never miss if you are looking to train your leg and hip.

2. Power Resistance Bands – Best for Pull ups and Powerlifting

Keepufitness pull up assistance bands set of 4
Power Bands are also known as Pull Up Assist Bands, are the most durable and effective loop bands. Power bands made of natural latex has pretty good elasticity, which makes them the best bands for powerlifting, speed and agility training. Pull up resistance bands are 41’’ long with 8 color-coded resistance levels. One of the greatest feature of power bands is that they can be combined with other equipment. Combining resistance bands with free weights is a great way to challenge your muscles.

3. Mini Loop bands – Best for hip exercises

Mini Loop bands - Best for hip exercises

Mini Bands are similar to Power Resistance Bands but shorter as 12’’. These bands are the most basic tools for home fitness exercises. Mini Resistance Bands are ideal for lateral movement exercises, hip and glute activation and shoulder stabilization. Some may say mini bands are easy to roll up during exercises, this is a very common thing. Try not to over stretch a band so you can reduce this happening.

Flat band – Best for Physical Therapy and Pilates

flat band exercises for physical therapy
Flat band is a piece of long elastic band which is commonly used for physical therapy and Pilates stretching. Regular therapy band measures 5 foot long x 5 inch wide and come in 3 up to 7 color-coded resistance levels. Many physiotherapy clinics use elastic bands to help their customers rehabbing muscles or increase body flexibility.
Flat bands are also ideal for specific training for yoga and Pilates.

Resistance Tubes with Handles

Keepufitness latex exercise toning tube with handles to workout at home

Resistance tube are hollow cables with grip handles on both ends to make it easier to do pulling and pressing exercises. Currently, most of resistance tubes in the market are a complete set with ankle straps and door anchor, increase the resistance training variety. However, if you are a beginner who just started using resistance tubes, we suggest you to buy a single piece of tubing band with handles, until you get used to resistance training with a tube.

What’s the difference between latex, TPE, and fabric resistance bands?


When you selecting resistance bands, you should pay much attention to the material. Why? Because the price and quality of different raw materials vary greatly.
Let’s talk about latex resistance bands first. As you may know, natural latex is extracted from rubber tree, so a latex band is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Besides, latex bands are generally more stretchable, and has more elasticity. That’s exactly what resistance training requires, only latex bands can do high intensity of repeated stretching.

Some of our clients contact us to buy TPE bands, which is also called synthetic rubber bands, we never suggest them to do so, why? We do admit that TPE bands have pros such as non-allergic, UV-resistant, cheap price. But please consider, what’s your purpose of buying resistance bands? For training more effectively, right? Think about what would happen if you buy a TPE band and find it limits your training? Due to raw material poor feature, a TPE band can only be stretched to 2.5 times of its original length. Compared to latex bands of 6 times, that indeed limit a lots of strength training programs, especially for whole body exercises. It’s totally a waste of money.
We always suggest our clients to choose resistance bands that make to last long, rather than a cheap piece that you never use for a second time.

Now let’s see the fabric resistance bands. It’s the most popular resistance bands for leg exercises at home. If you are worrying that your clients may be allergic to latex, or require a higher resistance level, fabric booty bands are your best choice. There’s another reason why we recommend this product, and that is you can do custom printing on fabric resistance bands, to distinguish yourself from competitors. In this way you can also change the printing designs from time to time, to attract more clients to purchase your product.

Resistance Band Color Code Meaning.


As you may have noticed, each kind of exercise bands are color – coded to identify different resistance levels. Below is the resistance band color code chart from KEEPUFITNESS, it may vary from different suppliers.
Flat Resistance Bands Color Chart:

flat resistance band color code - Keepufitness

Power Resistance Band Color Chart:
power resistance band color chart Keepufitness
Mini Loop Bands Color Chart:
mini loop band color code - keepufitness

How to select resistance tubing bands?

resistance tube size

Different from above loop bands and flat bands, resistance tubing use diameter to identify its resistance levels. Outer Diameter = inner diameter + 2(wall). If an exercise tubing has thicker wall, it means the resistance level is higher. However, most suppliers offer resistance tubing band set of 5 levels to meet different exercise requests.

How to find reliable supplier to make custom resistance bands with your logo?

There are 3 main approach that you can source resistance bands from China:
You can deal with a direct factory or manufacturer of resistance bands, the advantage is that you can get the best offer from a factory. And you get better quality control because factory are always the expert in this field.

You can come to a trading company who provide products with additional services such as arrange delivery, help your custom clearance, or inspect mass production.

You can also find a sourcing agent to help you buy resistance bands in bulk. You need to pay them a commission based on a certain percentage of the order turnover.

What should you consider when buy resistance bands in bulk?

Once you have identified a potential company to deal with, you will need to gather as much information as possible, such as the company business certification, company location on Google map, factory ownership, start date and existing customers. Through these basic investigation, you can tell if this is a normal operating company or not. If yes, we suggest you to do below things before you make the real purchase.
1) Talk to the supplier to see if they are professional in product knowledge, and if familiar with global trading.
2) Ask for a sample to check the supplier’s service, quality, lead time and their willingness to cooperate.
3) Arrange a video call or a factory inspection to double confirm the company’s production capacity and their order process.

Things mentioned above are so important and can help you decrease your risk of bulk buying from China. The more you talk with China suppliers, the more you know who is the most suitable one to your business.

How much do wholesale resistance bands cost?

You should now have a fair idea of all the costs associated with importing resistance bands from China. Before you go ahead with the import process, confirm whether you have a clear idea of the cost you should pay.
1. Regular commodity cost
It’s the price of stock resistance bands, such as regular colors, common sizes, and standard package.
2. Customization cost
Most of our clients find us to make custom resistance bands for them, this includes custom logo, custom printing, private packaging, custom Panton colors,etc. These customization services vary in price, and we request a minimum order quantity.
3. Shipping cost
Shipping costs will be incurred under CIF terms (Cost, Insurance, Freight). You can contact your local logistic company to get a price for delivery, and compare it with the CIF offer you get from China supplier, to choose the most suitable one for you.
4. Taxes and duty
VAT rate is different from each country, look up your VAT rates in your country and add it to the sum of your total price.
The import duty is usually between 2% and 5% for most products. You can search for the HS code of your product to get an exact rate.

Currently, there are many resistance band suppliers who can do DDP term, which means you will get a total quote on everything until commodity deliver to your address, no extra unexpected charges. It’s a good way to save your time and effort.

Useful Import Tips from Expert:

1) Be pretty clear about your product specifications, especially your custom requirements, and write them down in the contract to avoid any misunderstanding.
2) Place a test order before ordering a large quantity, to make sure the whole process is smooth.
3) Wire transfer is usually the default payment term in China. You can pay 30% deposit to get the production started, and pay the rest 70% once goods are shipped out.
4) Don’t go for the lowest price products. The suppliers know a thousand ways to make a product within your price, it will be too late when you find out the quality is different.
5) Meet the representative from the company you are dealing with, and build good relationship with him or her, you will benefit a lot.


Looking for the right resistance band for your business is an ongoing process, it requires knowledge and efforts. However, once you find the right product and the reputable resistance band supplier in China, you will succeed in fitness market in the long term.
Is there other information you’d like to know about finding the best resistance bands and suppliers in China? Fill out the contact form, we’d like to hear from you.

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