Fabric Resistance Bands

Fabric resistance hip band set of 5 for strength training buy from qualified manufacturer

2 inches Resistance Hip Band Pack 5

This Set of 5 fabric hip exercise bands is an update for Mini Loop Bands.Woven Hip Booty Bands are more popular to your lifting routine.With anti-slip design,the hip resistance bands have more resistance levels to provide great force help tone and shape the glutes.

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Hip Circle Bands 3 Pack with custom logo - Keepufitness

Hip Circle Band

Hip Exercise Band is highly recommended because of cost effective and easy to use.Use a hip resistance band for just a few minutes you’ll feel fat burn.Fabric Resistance bands for legs and butt are the best companion for your personal training.

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Long fabric resistance bands loop animal leopard

Long Fabric Resistance Bands

Fabric Resistance Band is a new kind of Pull up Power Band.The traditional pull up assist band is made of latex,distinguish resistances by different colors and band width.While this Fabric Resistance Bands are all same size in 85inch Loop and 1.26inch width.

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Manufacturer of custom fabric resistance bands, latex exercise bands, toning resistance tubes, and other portable fitness accessories for your business.

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