Anti Slip Hip Resistance Bands


2024 Upgrade Hip Resistance Bands for Retail Stores to Buy

Explore Upgrade Hip Bands for Booty Exercise with Grip Strips. Wholesale Custom Resistance Bands for Retail Store. Original Manufacturer to Save Your Cost.

We are wholesale vendor of custom mini resistance loop bands with logo for bulk buy.

Different from other exercise suppliers, our real strength is the capability of producing resistance bands in bulk according to your specific requirements. 

Our aim is assist you in creating remarkable workout elastic bands with your private logo, so your clients will ignore all other options and loyal to your brand.

What’s in the bundle of mini resistance loop bands?

This bundle includes 4 mini resistance loop bands, an instruction sheet, a tiny carry bag and a gift box. The bands are in 4 varying resistance levels with different color options.

Pink / Light: 10-15 lbs

Blue / Medium: 15-20 lbs

Grey / Heavy: 20-30 lbs

Black / X Heavy: 30-40 lbs

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Best Mini Resistance Loop Bands to Grow Your Business

Why choose our mini resistance loop bands?

  • Eco-friendly natural latex material guarantees the great elasticity, our latex bands can be stretched safely to 3 times their length.
  • Advanced and mature processing technology makes our resistance loops longer product lifespan.
  • Strict Quality Check system makes sure all the elastic bands you receive are in good condition.
  • These exercise bands are with 3-months warranty.
  • Special Customization of Mini Resistance Loop Band like certain color, thickness, branded package is available to distinguish your brand from others.
Anti slip resistance loop band
custom color loop resistance band

What’s the difference between the new loop band and the common exercise band?

The biggest problem of common elastic resistance band is that the smooth surface makes it drop to ground easily during workout at home. 

To overcome this and bring you a enjoyable home exercise experience, we make a particular anti slip mold to upgrade the mini resistance loop band.

Same price, better experience!

anti slid mini resistance loop bands

Private label Resistance Bands for Wholesale:

Private label Resistance Bands for Wholesale

When you are looking for workout equipment or fitness products to sell online, resistance bands are something you cannot ignore as there are huge demand in the market when everyone wants to live healthy and keep in good body condition.

Starting from Mini Loop Resistance Bands is a good choice for your eCommerce store.Sales are stable throughout the year and are not affected by seasonality. Sales will skyrocket during the holidays.

Personalizing your fitness products from wholesaler and resell to clients is a effective way to promote your business. The first thing you need to know is find a trusted supplier selling resistance bands in low cost, so you can earn money from this popular hot sale exercise training tool at home.

How to Order Custom Printed Resistance Bands online?

customize your mini resistance loop band in low cost

We makes it easy to customize your mini resistance loop bands in low cost from wholesale direct factory.

  1. Choose your resistance band colors and thickness
  2. Send us your personalized logo artwork
  3. Our sales team will make a draft image according to above information
  4. Production starts.


We get stock for standard color codes of mini resistance loop bands, and production time for these colors would be shorter than customized colors.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) and lead times are different according to your specific requirements.

Send inquiry now to get further detailed information about our customization service.

Notifications of Exercise Training Bands:

The Mini Resistance Loop Bands have an average of lifespan from 6 months to 1 year after you begin to use them. Here are some tips to make your stretch bands last longer.

  • Always check your loop bands before your workout and stop to use them if you find small tears or cracks.
  • Storage your exercise loops properly away from direct sunlight. Better choose the bands with a black carrying bag.
  • Wash your latex resistance bands with nothing but clear water, avoid use any chemicals which may deteriorate latex.
  • Use baby power to coat the mini resistance loop bands if they get sticky.
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