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Flat Resistance Bands Manufacturer For Your Store

MOQ 500 pcs

Our factory supply custom flat resistance bands with logo for wholesale.

Keepufitness is a reliable manufacturer trusted by exercise & fitness accessories retailers.

We do custom branding service for those who want to sell on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or on your own website.

Resistance Flat Band For Yoga, Pilates, Physical therapy

Yellow – very light / 5-10 lb

Red – light / 10-12 lb

Green – medium / 12-14 lb

Blue – heavy / 14-16 lb

Black – very heavy / 20-25 lb

Flat Resistance Bands Specifications

Material: 100% natural latex

Regular Length: 5 feet

Regular Width: 15 cm

Available thickness: 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm.

Regular color: yellow, red, green, blue, black, pink, purple.

Used for: yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises, physical therapy.

Package: opp bag, gift box

Logo: white printing

Sample policy: Send inquiry to us to get a free sample for test.

Production time: 15-20 days up to your order quantity and specifications.

Payment: PayPal or bank transfer.

flat resistance bands manufacturer
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Flat Resistance Band Manufacturer Factory

Keepufitness is a China factory supplying resistance bands at wholesale price. We supply highly durable & premium quality flat resistance bands to fitness accessories retailers and eCommerce stores.

With rich experience in global trading, we are capable of imprinting your logo on resistance bands, making customized package for your local market, and even arrange door to door delivery at fair rates.

Working with us, you get a supportive team to back up your business in fitness market.


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wholesale flat resistance bands package

Flat Resistance Bands Package and Shipping:


Flat resistance bands are very light and easy for global shipping. You can buy single piece at 1.5 meter or 2 meters, packing in opp bag, which is the most chose option. 

For longer bands at 5-10 meters, we have gift box for package.

For even longer rolls at 20 meters or 45 meters, which you can cut a certain length by yourself, we make a cardboard box for each roll.  


Mostly these flat resistance bands are shipped by express like DHL, FedEx, Ups. Besides, we can also do air shipping, door to door delivery in lower cost way.

Why Choose Us as Your Supplier for Exercise Bands:

1. Quality is our life

You must have experienced or worried about band breaking or other safety problems.

We got you! To avoid those problems, we need to know why they happen.

Reason 1: poor raw material.

Raw material is the key of a resistance band quality. As you may know, TPE bands, though they are much cheaper, have limited elasticity and can be stretched to only 100%.

However, our natural latex band, thanks to its super good feature, can be stretched to 600% at most without breaking.

Reason 2: outdated production process.

Even it looks simple, but a good resistance band needs multiple production processes. An unnoticeable bubble in raw material or minor scratches on mold can lead to flat resistance bands break suddenly and get you hurt.

To avoid this, we do quality check before, during and after production, send you videos / images to assure that all products you receive are in good condition.

We put flat resistance bands quality and safety on top of everything. We’ve passed necessary tests and win certificates like TUV, ROHS, REACH.

2. We save your money and make what you paid worth it.

You, my client, regardless of the value of the order, deserve the best service and products you pay for.However, not all companies aware of this and treat every single client like we do.

Here we make things different. 

You can not only get qualified flat resistance bands at factory wholesale price, but also meet a professional team who know market trends and global trading very well, and can give you detailed reply within 24 hours (mostly much shorter time) for any consultation.

Talk to us, no matter you order or not, our team is always happy to communicate with different people and let them know more about us.

Why choose Keepufitness to buy your flat resistance bands for wholesale business online store

3. You get privilege after order from us

Once you order flat resistance bands or others from us, you are on our clients list, you get special rights than others.

  • Coupons of different amounts which can be used for your next purchase.
  • New product tiral opportunity.
  • Occasional promotions for best sellers.
  • Follow us on Instagram to win a Give Away.

Wholesale Flat Resistance Bands With Custom Logo

We are wholesale factory and do OEM services for online stores, retailers and distributors. Most of our clients prefer to print their custom logo on flat resistance bands and make a private package.

Keepufitness flat resistance bands with customized private logo and package

Try A Flat Resistance Band Sample Before Buy In Bulk

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