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Dumbbell Grips Fat Thick Handle for Barbell - China Manufacturer

MOQ 500 pairs

2024 comfort dumbbell grips for weightlifting from certificated supplier.

We make custom logo barbell hand grips for FBA Sellers, importers, and retailers. If you are one of them, or would like to sell barbell grips on your website, Keepufitness is your first choice of supplier with wholesale price, fast delivery and guaranteed quality.

Thick Grip Dumbbell Handles Supplier

  • Wholesale price while order over 500 pairs.
  • BSCI approved factory, specialized in providing high-quality goods for e-commerce business.
  • Custom branding / package service for different markets.
  • Sufficient stock to guarantee your sales.

Thick Grips for Barbell and Dumbbell

Product Name
Dumbbell Grips
Ship from
10*5cm / 13*5cm
Blue, grey, black
Increasing forearm strength, weightlifting, muscle building
Customized Logo Available
OPP bag
500 pairs
Production time
15 days
Eco-friendly material, anti-slip design, durable and comfortable
Ready stock 

Fat Bar Grips for Dumbbells and Barbell China Supplier

As a verified supplier for FBA sellers, importers and fitness accessories retailers, we produce high quality dumbbell grips according to customers specific request on color, logo, and package.

In past years we’ve cooperated with many fitness brands, helping them expand product category while increase sales. Thanks to our great production capacity, we are able to do fast ship to global market at good rate.

If you are looking to custom branded barbell rubber grips for sale online, we are ready to support you.

Grips for barbell wholesale policy for retailers

  • MOQ 500 pairs
  • Custom logo / color / package
  • Door to door delivery
  • Free sample before bulk order

Fat Bar Grips For Dumbbells and Barbell China Supplier

Custom Logo Dumbbell Grips China Factory - Product Features

Particular texturing grips to improve comfort

Our factory make a special design of barbell grips standing out from similar ones, to enable a stable grab that help to prevent slipping.

Custom Logo Dumbbell Grips China Factory

Thick bar grips for weightlifting

Fat grips are 2” thick, 5” long, fits virtually most barbells, dumbbell handles, weight bars, pull down ropes, cable machine attachments, and kettlebells.

Thick bar grips for weightlifting

High-density material that won’t compress or distort

Our dumbbell grips are made of a premium high-density material, as a result, they are more durable compared to cheap generic ones. 

dumbbell grips fat thick bar handle grips

What Are The Benefits of Dumbbell Hand Grips?

  • Stimulate more muscle fibers in your forearms
  • Maximal contraction when training your biceps
  • Prevent wrist injuries
  • Optimize bar grips to increase the difficulty of various workouts
  • Adds comfort and prevents slipping, perfect for WOD, Muscle Strength & Body Building Training

How to Select Fat Bar Grips for Dumbbell and Barbell?


An ergonomic design of dumbbell grips should fit your hand well and never cause calluses. 

Hand grip size

Not all dumbbell rubber grips are made the same size, some are short as 2.36 inches, while some are over 5 inches. Make sure you choose a pair of fat bar grips which is similar size to your hand. Getting too big or too small may not provide the results you expected.


Most of barbell hand grips are with diamond pattern grooves, some are with embossed logo. Our factory create a unique texturing which you cannot find anywhere, to better prevent slippage.


The material of the grip should be comfortable to your skin as well as durable enough to withstand certain wear and tear. Different from regular silicone ones, we produce dumbbell fat grips with matte surface that provides a stable grip.

How to Choose Dumbbell Handle Grips Supplier for Your Business

Looking for a qualified supplier matters a lot to the success of your business.

Keepufitness has years of experience supplying importers, wholesalers, and online stores who buy dumbbell grips in large quantity. We are able to produce fat grip dumbbell handles according to your specific needs, emboss your company logo, deliver to your requested address.

We can also help to stick SKU label and shipping label for FBA sellers.

Looking to know more about wholesale dumbbell grips or would like to get a sample before bulk purchase? Fill out below form and you will get a solution within 12 hours.

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