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Safety Sleeved Exercise Bands with Handles Bulk Wholesale Supplier

We supply custom exercise bands set for bulk buy online with wholesale price.

No more snapping band, choose sleeved resistance bands with logo, protect you and your bands. 

Regular set for men, pink series for women, you can also create your own custom workout bands with particular colors and company logo.

Exercise Bands Set - What's in the Package?

X-Light elastic band x 1

Light elastic band x 1

Medium elastic band x 1

Heavy elastic band x 1

X-Heavy elastic band x 1

foam grip handle x 2

padding ankle strap x 2

bigger door anchor x 1

carrying case x 1

You can also custom other sets like a set of 3 bands, or a set with 2 pair of handles, we provide flexible customization services for wholesale exercise bands set in bulk.

Bulk Buy Custom Elastic Exercise Bands Set with Logo

We provide private label resistance bands set with wholesale price. Your company logo can be put on the exercise band handle straps, door anchor, ankle straps, and on carrying bag.

Besides, we can put weight label on each single piece of elastic band to indicate its resistance levels clearly.

You can choose different colors of covered sleeve and make your own bundle of workout training equipment.

Keepufitness wholesale sleeved resistance bands with custom logoKeepufitness pink exercise bands for women wholesale vendors

Why Do You Need Strength Training Exercise Bands with Protective Sleeve?

What’s your biggest concern when hesitating to use exercise bands? What factor do you care the most?

SAFETY is the most frequently word we hear. And it’s totally understandable.

No matter you are using exercise toning tube for strength training or for physical therapy, the precondition is it has to be safe. Overall, the last thing you want is get hurt during fitness exercises at home or gym.

Let’s why we suggest to buy nylon covered resistance bands set. It keep you safe, and keep your bands safe.

exercise bands with protective sleeves buy in bulk low price

The external nylon strap is thick and durable, it has 3 main functions.

1. Prevent interior tubing from snapping

The elastic tubing is 4 feet long, and the safe stretching range is 3 times of its original length. However, people are not always follow this limit and the tubing band would be overstretched, which cause big risk of snapping. 

The nylon cover sleeve, which is 12 feet long, limits the stretching length and you are not able to stretch a band further when reach 3 times. This can effectively prevent the latex tube band from breaking due to excessive stretching.

2. Extend workout tube bands lifespan

Apart from excessive stretching, UV light also influence the tube function and shorten its lifetime. With the help of nylon sleeve, the interior tube is isolated from sunlight, you can even workout outside of door without worrying your band would break.

3. Protect interior elastic bands from damage

Resistance Bands snapping may also caused by cuts or nicks. However, if with a protective covered sleeve, you can just throw a band on the floor, or step on it for bicep exercise, the exercise bands set would not damage like ones without sleeve.

4. Keep you safe

Above reasons indicate the advantages of webbing in preventing resistance bands snap. But even if the tube band breaks suddenly, the outside sleeve can keep you away from getting hurt by break tubing, because the thick nylon strap will never break by artificial stretch.

How to Order the Best Exercise Bands Set with Safety Sleeves?

We provide free sample for quality review. And the bulk order process is quite easy as follow:

  1. Tell us the resistance band dimensions and sleeve colors you like
  2. Send your company logo artwork to make a template
  3. Place a formal order for mass production

Nylon covered resistance bands with separate handles

Ready to try the first set of your own private label exercise bands set with safety sleeves? Contact us online or Email directly to [email protected]. We are more than pleased to support your business.

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