Hom Gym Workout Bar with Resistance Bands


Buy Portable Home Training Exercise Equipment Pilates Bar For Full Body Exercise

This affordable workout bar kit has multiple ways to use. You can attach Resistance Bands for weight lifting and pull-down exercises, or attach Power Loop Bands for overhead press and other workout for upper body.

What this kit include:

1 x  steel workout bar (apart into 2 sections)

2 x 20lb resistance band

2 x 40lb resistance band

2 x adjustable ankle strap

1 x gift box for storage

Note: we are able to make other customized resistance bands. Follow us on Instagram and contact us to win your FREE SAMPLE.

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Specifications for the muscle training workout bar :

The exercise bar is made of stable steel, total length 108cm, width 28mm, thickness 1.5mm, weighted 1.2kg, with a hook on each end to connect resistance tubes. 

YES the weight of workout bar is 1.2kg, it’s much heavy and sturdy than a common Pilates Bar.

It can be 2 section or 3 section with electophoretic coating to prevent it from getting rusty. The indoor fitness bar is covered with a soft tear-proof padding to make sure it’s comfortable and friendly to use.

Pilates gym bar KEEPUFITNESS China BSCI factory for bulk order

Available Resistance bands for your choice :

All the resistance bands you get from us are made of NATURAL LATEX. There’s TPE band in the market with quite low price but we don’t suggest that because latex material performs much better on elasticity and durability.

We offer 2 resistance levels of latex tube, 20lbs for beginners and 40lbs for experienced people.All the resistance bands are with removable clips so it’s easy to attach on the gym bar and easy to replace with another resistance levels.

If you have special request on the resistance bands like a customized color, different tensions of band, lengthen or shorten the elastic tube length, covered with safety sleeve, you can always contact us to meet your requests.


resistance bands in different levels KEEPUFITNESS strength training

How to use home gym workout bar ?

  • Install 2 section or 3 section together as a complete long bar.
  • Put the ankle strap on and adjust it to a comfortable size.
  • Choose the resistance band you want to use,clip one end to the hook on end of the Pilates Bar, clip the other end of the band to the ring on your ankle strap.
  • Start doing exercises with the exercise bar.
  • After exercise, separate the bar and put it into storage box together with the resistance bands.
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