Double Layers Pull Up Bands Set


Best Pull Up Resistance Bands for Wholesale Online

Keepufitness is a China manufacturer and wholesaler of resistance pull up bands set. We supply custom pull up assist band set with logo. 


These effective elastic resistance bands are designed to assist pull ups at home or on gym equipment.

We provide 4 pieces set pull up bands for beginners, and 6 pieces heavy pull up bands set for professional athletes.


In addition, we provide portable carrying case for each pull up bands set, or we make color box for better package and storage.

Benefits of Pull Up Band Exercises

Pull Up Support Band add great amount of flexibility and strength training for workout at home or in the gym.

Using resistance bands for pull ups, banded squats, bench presses helps you to improve strength in major muscle groups.

Exercise your arms, back, legs and buttocks at the same time with a pull up elastic band, and expand your home gym possibilities.


Add portability and versatility to your Pull Up Bands Set with the Keepufitness door strap.

Which is The Best Pull Up Resistance Bands to Buy?

When you are ready to sell pull up bands online, there are some questions you must be concern about.

  • How to choose the best pull up rubber assisted band? 
  • Where can I buy bulk pull up bands set for wholesale?
  • How to make my brand of resistance bands different / better than competitors?

When you read custom reviews of pull up bands set on Amazon, you may find some major problems that most brands have, such as narrow range of resistance levels,  pull up assist bands breaking / snapping, durability problems, too expensive, unreliable tension like listed. Believe us, you don’t have to go through these.

resistance bands break snapping from poor supplier

At Keepufitness, we believe product quality takes priority over any other matter. 

Send your inquiry today and let’s see how we can help you to expand your business.

How do we help to keep you away from above quality problems?

  • You get resistance bands from China qualified wholesale supplier

As one of the earliest manufacturers of latex resistance bands in China, our factory is a member of China Rubber Industry Association, and participated in the drafting of China’s latex industry standards.

  • We know who produce your pull up bands set

In our factory, we have strict division of responsibilities. From preparing raw material until finish bands, The person in charge of each step of the production process will be recorded, thanks to this system, everyone cares about the final product quality and do their best to produce high level pull up bands set.

  • You receive resistance bands which have been tested

After production, we do Tensile Test and endurance Test to make sure your pull up assistance bands have qualified physical properties and standard function.

Contact us now to get latest videos and pull up bands offers for your bulk wholesale order.

Keepufitness Wholesale Pull Up Resistance Bands Set Features

  • Available to order individually, in pairs, or as a full pull up bands set
  • 100% natural latex with great elasticity
  • molded resistance bands which will not snapped to layers
  • Flexible resistance levels from 15 lbs up to 230 lbs
  • Accept custom color, private logo printing, personalized package
  • Guaranteed quality and pass ISO 9001, REACH, ROHS certificate
  • On time global delivery with cost effective shipping options
resistance loop bands manufacturer package at factory for sale

We are open to new creative ideas to make your resistance bands stand out of the crows.

Contact us now and let’s discuss further!

How to Bulk Buy Resistance Pull Up Bands Set Online?

We have standing inventory for chin up bands in regular color, and most orders can be shipped out within 20 days.

For pull up rubber band in particular color / logo printing / package, the customization process is quite easy as below:

  1.  Send inquiry now and tell us your specific custom requirements
  2. Receive quotation sheet from Keepufitness
  3. Review sample quality
  4. Place the bulk order

We are more than pleased to answer any of your questions about our product, our company or our service.

Email directly to [email protected] to get faster reply.

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