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Wholesale Exercise Resistance Bands Set With Handles For Bodybuilding

Bulk buy wholesale custom resistance bands set with logo.

Exercise resistance training bands with handles and door anchor, made of 100% Eco-friendly natural latex, not cheap ones made of TPE!


The resistance tube can be used together with handles to do arm workout,chest exercises,shoulder and back strength training.The ankle strap and door anchor provides more training options no matter you are at gym or at home.You can stretch the band up and down for muscle building ,or stretch side to side for bodybuilding.

Buy Custom Resistance Bands Set in Bulk with Logo

We provide multiple customization services for wholesale exercise bands with handles.

  •  custom colors and resistance levels for stretch band
  • custom logo on handles, ankle straps, door anchor, and one carrying case.
  • Private color box package for heavy duty elastic resistance bands

Contact Us to make your own resistance bands set with private label.

What's in the Package?

This fitness equipment is a perfect kit for upper body exercises. It’s a full pack of 5 resistance bands, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 door anchor, 1 carrying bag. Resistance Tube Band Set Specifications are as below.

Best Resistance Bands For Men – 150 lbsStandard Resistance Bands Set – 100 lbsBest Resistance Bands For Women – 75 lbs
Best Resistance Bands For Men - 150 lbsKeepufitness wholesale Resistance Bands Set - 100 lbsKeepufitness Best Resistance Bands For Women - 75 lbs

Note: We are direct manufacturer of bulk resistance bands set with handles and door anchor, you can custom other tube band colors or strength levels. Contact us online or Email directly to [email protected] to get a fast quote for your custom resistance bands with logo.

What Makes Keepufitness Different?

  • 100% natural latex VS tpe 

which is better natural latex vs tpe resistance bands

Latex is artificially collected from rubber trees and Eco-friendly.

TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) is a physical mix of polymers.

The physical extensibility of latex is 3 times that of TPE.

The price of TPE material is only 1/3 of natural latex.

Conclude: TPE has less elasticity than latex, therefore, it has more risk of snapping during exercises at home.

  • Double layers strap with 7cm carabiner VS  single thin strap with 5cm carabiner

Keepufitness wholesale resistance bands with double layers strap

All of the straps we use on the resistance tube bands are double layered thick polyester strap, while others use poor quality thin strap. Besides, we use heavy duty stainless steel clips instead of small 5cm ones or even poor D ring.

Conclude: Keepufitness resistance band set for home gym workout lasts longer time.

  • Variety of resistance levels for flexible combine VS limited 3-5 levels

Keepufitness variety resistance levels of exercise tubing bands

We are wholesale supplier of custom resistance bands, providing 10+ tube band dimensions which you can combine any of them and make your own bundle. Others have limited strength bands to choose from.

Conclude: Keepufitness supply custom resistance bands with private label for wholesale.

Contact us to get specific quotation for wholesale exercise bands set with logo.

Not the Lowest, Why Choose Keepufitness Exercise Bands Set?

The reason is quite simple, we care about your brand reputation as you do.

We’ve seen enough cases of people get hurt because of choosing poor quality elastic bands for workout. They leave negative reviews, turn to other brands and never come back. This not only lead to sharp decline in sales, but also cause very bad influence to the brand.

We keep you and your customers away from this.

As an experienced rubber latex manufacturer for exercise resistance bands set, we know quality matters over everything.

Therefore, we only use 100% natural latex as material, and all production are done in BSCI approved factory, all resistance bands we supply meet standard of ISO9001, REACH, ROHS, to guarantee the safety and premium quality.

We support your business in a more flexible way.

Compared to those big companies who claiming they are No.1 or the BEST, Keepufitness are more prefer to be a partner who can help you go further with our professional knowledge in latex industry. 

Assisting you to create your own resistance bands, leaving your competitors far behind, that what we are aiming to do.

To achieve this, we provide series of custom service for wholesale resistance bands set with reasonable price. 

Keepufitness resistance tube bands for strength training China supplier and vendors for wholesale

Best Exercise Resistance Bands Set For Home Gym

Resistance bands set is an ideal fitness equipment for strength training exercise at home.

Which resistance bands is the best to buy? How to tell if your gym resistance bands are good?

Although there are so much similar choices when you buy resistance bands set for sell online, they just looks the same. You should select carefully and find the best gym exercise resistance bands for men and women.

Keep browsing and we will give you some clues.

Guide #1. Select the correct material

There are mainly 2 kinds of resistance tube bands in the market, TPE and natural latex.

What’s the difference?

TPE: physical mix of polymers with limited elasticity, because it is artificially synthesized, the price is low. 

Natural latex: yes, it’s the Eco-friendly material from rubber tree, with high elastic properties. A natural latex resistance band can be stretched to 600% at most without any damage.

Keepufitness is a custom resistance bands set wholesale manufacturer and supplier, we only produce 100% natural latex training exercise bands for bulk sale online.

wholesale custom exercise resistnace bands bulk supplier and vendors factory
Keepufitness resistance tube bands set wholesale bulk manufacturer

Guide #2.  Check out resistance bands handles and door anchors

Most of resistance tube bands set are with handles, ankle straps, and door anchor. These fitness accessories allow you to do chest exercises, arm workout, back workout, and band workout for legs and glutes. So good quality of accessory plays an important role in the whole set function.

Guide #3. Select gym elastic band with multiple resistance levels

Most of resistance bands set are with 5 levels of toning tube. Keepufitness supply more.

We can make light resistance bands for beginners, as well as extra heavy duty exercise resistance bands with handles.

Would like to custom your own set of gym strength training exercise bands set with handles? INQUIRY NOW to get a fast online quotation.

wholesale resistance tube bands custom

Additional Support For Wholesale:

Customized tube specifications like length,colors,tensions are available.

Branded package is available.

Professional sales team for better communication.

INQUIRY NOW or Email directly to [email protected] to get fast quote for custom resistance bands with logo for wholesale.

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