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Wholesale Custom Resistance Bands With Logo

We are resistance tube bands supplier for wholesale orders. Multiple resistance levels and colors for your choice. And provide custom logo printing on exercise tubing bands handles.

Please note that all of our stretch bands with handles are made of Eco-friendly 100% natural latex, not recycled TPE bands with low price.

There are great differences in the physical properties of these two materials of resistance tubes with handles.

Harmful TPE bands in cheap price VS Premium quality latex bands with reasonable price, which would you choose? Your clients deserve the best, don’t they?

Resistance Tube Bands Regular Sizes

There are 5 common regular strength toning rubber tube for exercises at home or gym.

X-Light / Yellow / 4 x 7 x 1200mm

Light / Green / 4 x 9mm x 1200mm

Medium / Red / 6 x 11mm x 1200mm

Heavy / Blue / 6 x 12mm x 1200mm

X-Heavy / Black / 6 x 13mm x 1200mm

You can custom other dimensions / colors of resistance tube bands, contact us to know more about customization services, Minimum Order Quantity and lead time.

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Bulk Resistance Tube Bands with Logo

We provide 2 solutions to brand this workout resistance bands with handles.

Option 1: print a white logo on plastic handles.

dynapro resistance bands handles custom logo

Option 2: make a logo mold on handles.

lets bands tube handle with logo

Note: if you’d like to make your exercise bands different from others, promote your brands and build customer loyalty, CLICK INQUIRY NOW and discuss details with us.

Buy Adjustable Exercise Tubing With Handles for Wholesale

KEEPUFITNESS home gym equipment exercise with resistance tubing bands

Advanced latex tubing:

Our resistance tubing is made of 100% natural latex with high elasticity. Unlike TPE bands, this material is Eco-friendly.It’s a double-layered tubing which is more durable than single color tube bands.

sturdy plastic handle for resistance tube bands for bulk buy

Bigger plastic handle instead of foam handle:

There are large percent of clients complaining polyester strap snapping on resistance tube bands with foam handle. We use a plastic handle instead to avoid this.

And there’s more space in this handle for big hands.

Keepufitness wholesale bulk resistance tubing bands colors

Multiple colors for your choice:

We are direct latex tubing bands manufacturer who can supply custom colors and resistance levels to meet your specific needs.

Keepufitness resistance tube bands with adjustable handle for strength training at home

Adjustable design handle:

The small ball on handle is designed to allow you to shorten the toning tube personally in a quite easy way to fit more resistance tube exercises.

Bulk Buy Exercise Tubing Resistance Bands with Custom Pakcage

We provide different package options in varies price range to meet your target budget.

Simple opp bag is the cheapest way. Each piece of elastic tubing band is packaged individually and then 100 pcs in a master carton.

Polyester bag with printing logo and mesh bag with woven logo is the most common way we do for our clients. This is suitable to those who want to expand business in the name of the brand.

Besides, we also make personalized printing gift box for single toning tube or resistance tube band set. This package makes your products high level and you can sell a higher price with just a small increase of cost.

The MOQ (minimum order quantity) are different for each package option. You can CONTACT US ONLINE or Email directly to [email protected] to get more detailed information of resistance tube bands wholesale order.

How To Do Resistance Tube Bands Exercises To Build Muscle?

Resistance bands have multiple functions: Perfect for physical therapy, exercise, weight loss, Pilates, muscle toning, muscle strengthening, stretching, rehabilitation, and general health and fitness. Also great for home use, gym use, offices, and ideal for travel.

 The yellow (5 lbs) resistance tube exercises for beginners to do ab workouts, the blue (20 lbs) and black (25 lbs) heavy resistance tubes are for full body workouts at home. 

You can also use a Door Anchor to target all of your muscles through a full range of motion for increased strength and toning, without any machines or special equipment.

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