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Wholesale Exercise Tubing in Bulk Roll

We are supplier and vendor of wholesale exercise resistance tubing bulk rolls for sale.

Resistance tubing roll has multiple colors and strength levels, so you can cut easily to any required length to make custom resistance bands with handles

This fitness toning tube is widely used for personal training at home or gym.

Whether you sell resistance tubing bands online, own a gym studio, or sell personal training workout plan on fitness app, this professional latex elastic tubing is cost-effective for your business.

Important Note:

Before buy exercise tubing bulk roll from wholesale supplier, you need to figure out the ID (inner diameter) and OD (outer diameter) you need to order.

A large number of our customers only know a vague pounds of band tubing, such as 10 lbs, 30 lbs or 100 lbs heavy resistance tube bands. 

We don’t suggest you to do this, as the pounds changes when you stretch the tubing to different length.

If you have no idea about the certain tubing diameter, no worries, CONTACT US NOW and we will give you instructions to select a right elastic tube band.

What Are Resistance Tubing Bulk Roll Used For?

  • Bulk rubber tube roll to replace worn-out tube bands

Resistance tube exercises are efficient way to help you strengthen muscles, improve balance, meanwhile prevent injuries and help in recovery.

Problem: The tube resistance bands are not last forever. It may break or loose resistance after long time repeated of stretching, while the exercise tubing handles are still good. 

Solution: In this condition, bulk resistance tubing roll can help.

You don’t need to buy completely new resistance tubes with handles. What you need is just to replace the old gym toning tube with new ones.

  • You can make personal length of toning tube fore workouts at home

Problem: The common exercise training resistance bands you can find in market are 4 feet or 5 feet, which may not suitable for people of all heights. The fixed length of tubing also limits some workout movements.

Solution: What if you can make a personalized length of resistance tubing band?Bulk resistance stretching tube in rolls allow you to cut to any custom length, and all you need is scissors.

Bulk buy latex rubber resistance tubing roll China supplier and vendor

Send your inquiry to get resistance tubing bulk samples for functional testing.

Wholesale Exercise Resistance Tubing Bulk Supplier and Manufacturer

Why do you need to buy rubber resistance tubing bulk from direct manufacturer?

You get guaranteed quality and delivery

From preparing raw material until package produced elastic tubing, all steps are done in one same factory. The whole process is well managed by professional team.

You get wholesale resistance toning tube price

No third party, you buy resistance tubing bulk roll from Keepufitness with low wholesale price. You receive special discount for bulk orders of 5000 meters or more.

You can order custom the exercise tube bands at Keepufitness

This is the real thing we can truly support you. We are capable of doing dozens of elastic stretching tube with variety of resistance levels and colors.

Dimensions: The smallest ID (inner diameter) we can produce is 2mm, and the largest OD (outer diameter) we make is up to 20mm. Any specifications among 2mm and 20mm are available.

Colors: We can help you make custom Pantone Color resistance tubing in large quantity.

Lengths: You determine the resistance tubing bulk roll length, it can be 25 feet, 30 feet, or any other length.

Keepufitness bulk resistance exercise tubing manufacturer factory
Keepufitness bulk wholesale resistance tubing bands for sale factory price

Contact us to know Minimum Order Quantity, lead time, sample policy or other information you’d like to know. Any inquiry will be replied within 8 hours.

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