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Exercise Shoulder Pulley Wholesale Supplier - Keepufitness

MOQ 500 pcs.

Keepufitness supply wholesale shoulder pulley for online stores and distributors. We help you improve your outcomes by offering shoulder exercise pulley with your custom logo.

If you are running business for physical therapy equipment and would like to increase your profit, partner with us to get qualified over the door pulley for shoulder exercise at wholesale price.

Shoulder Pulley Benefits:

  • Improve shoulder flexibility
  • Increase range of motion
  • Strengthen weak shoulders
  • Shoulder rehab after injury or surgery 

Partner With Qualified Shoulder Pulley Manufacturer For Your Business

We are the original manufacturer of shoulder exercise pulley as well as rehabilitation and exercise products, supplying to E-commerce websites, physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, rehab institutions, medical stores, and global distributors.

Custom options you get:

  • Shoulder pulley rope colors available in red, green, blue, black, white, mixed-color.
  • Private logo can be put on the door anchor / webbing strap. 
  • Portable pouch with printed logo for package and storage.

We do require order minimum of 500 pcs for custom branding orders. The more you order, the better price you get.

Wholesale Exercise Pulley For Shoulder Physical Therapy

Wholesale Shoulder Pulley Manufacturer Supplier - Keepufitness

Over the door exercise pulley is an economical, lightweight rehab device helps increase shoulder range of motion, reduce pain, and speed up recovery from shoulder injury or surgery.

Shoulder Pulley comes with:
Web strap door anchor
Ergonomic handles
Tension rope
Custom logo & package box (optional)

Exercise Door Pulley for Shoulder Rehab Detailed Pictures

buy bulk shouler rehab pulley exerciser plastic handle for sale
Sturdy adjustable nylon strap on shoulder pulley exerciser
physical therapy shoulder pulley rope blue for sale Keepufitness vendor
over door anchor on shoulder pulley system China bulk supplier

Shoulder Pulley Bulk Order Package and Delivery

Standard package for shoulder exerciser pulley is each piece in an opp bag. Meanwhile, we do customized package such as printed nylon bag and color box.

Delivery: by air express such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, by sea shipping or by rail transport.

stretch ranger shoulder pulley custom package Keepufitness manufacturer

Over Head Shoulder Pulley Supplier Customization Service

  • woven logo on shoulder pulley

woven logo on pulley exerciser Keepufitness supplier and manufacturer

  • multiple colors of therapy pulley rope

multiple colors of shoulder pulley rope manufacturer and supplier

Ready to bring the best shoulder pulley for physical therapy to your target consumers and increase your sales?

Let’s talk details today!

Shoulder Pulley for Physical Therapy Overview

What is a shoulder pulley used for?

With simply pulleys for shoulder rehab, you can do physical therapy exercises at home at any time, and the only thing you need is a chair. Please put the door stop go over your door and close the door. Then you can start shoulder pulley exercises.

Over Door Shoulder Pulley Benefits

1. Help Improve Range of Motion

This shoulder pulley is recommended by physical therapist to people who suffer shoulder pain after injury or surgery.

It is light weighted, easy to use, storage and carry.

2. Easy to Install

Non slip door strap fits most doors securely without damage your door. Simply put the door anchor on top or side of your door and you can do shoulder exercises effectively.

3. Durable Material to Keep You Safe

The whole product consist of 2 meter adjustable nylon rope, 2 ABS handles, rubber covered door strap which prevent scratches or other damage to your door surface, smooth and sturdy pulley makes no noise and keep your exercise program pleasant.

Best Shoulder Pulley Exercises

  • Exercise 1: Sit on your chair comfortably and face the door, grip both handles, use your uninjured arm to pull up the injured side by stretching the rope down, hold the stretch for 10-15 second, and then pull down slowly.
  • Exercise 2: Turn your chair to the side to do the same side motion, make sure the non affected side is lifting the affected side. Over time your motion will improve and you’ll be able to stretch higher.
  • Exercise 3: Turn your back to the door and begin passive motion in front of you for 10-15 seconds. You can also move your shoulders to 45 degrees and continue passive motion exercises.

It’s important to work with a physical therapist to determine the best exercises for your individual needs and to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly to avoid injury.

Learn more about Shoulder Pulley Exercises you can do to release you pain and recovery fast.

Wholesale Shoulder Pulley Manufacture Factory For Your Online Store

If you are looking to select a wholesale supplier of shoulder pulley, here are some tips that may help:

  • Research different suppliers: Look for a list of wholesale suppliers of shoulder pulley and research their reputation, product quality, pricing, and customer service.
  • Check their product quality: Ask for samples of the shoulder pulley and check their quality, durability, and design.
  • Pricing and minimum order quantity: Compare the pricing and minimum order quantity (MOQ) of the different suppliers. Choose a supplier that offers competitive pricing and has a MOQ that works for your needs.
  • Shipping and delivery: Check the shipping and delivery options of the suppliers, including the shipping fees, delivery time, and tracking information.
  • Customer service: Check the customer service options provided by the suppliers, including their responsiveness to inquiries, ease of communication, and willingness to work with you on any issues that may arise.
  • Return policy: Check the supplier’s return policy in case you receive defective or damaged products or products that do not meet your requirements.

Remember, selecting a reliable wholesale supplier of shoulder pulley is crucial for the success of your business, so take the time to do your research and choose a supplier that meets your needs and expectations.

Contact Now To Custom Your Shoulder Pulley At Wholesale Price.

Minimum Order Quantity 500 pcs.

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