Sleeved Resistance Bands with Handles


Safety Sleeve Covered Resistance Tube Bands

We supply custom sleeved resistance bands for bulk buy online. The resistance tube is covered with safety protective nylon sleeve, one end with stain steel clip, the other end with rubber handles for strength training.

Wholesale exercise tubing bands with custom logo, global delivery.

Why Choose Fitness Sleeved Tubing?

For your safety, and for your elastic tubing safety.

The nylon sleeve covered outside of exercise tubing is designed to protect personal trainers and last long the inner elastic tube lifespan.

You will not get hurt if the band snap suddenly.

Your exercise bands will not get damaged from UV light or sharp scratch.


Custom Sleeved Tubing with Handles - Wholesale Supplier

For bulk wholesale resistance bands with safety sleeve, we provide multiple customization services to make your workout training bands different from others.

  • Custom color

You can do custom color of safety sleeve, protective rubber piece on both ends, as well as custom color for handle straps.

Regular color options: black, grey, red, green, blue, yellow, orange.

  • Custom resistance tubing strength

You can determine the ID (inner diameter) and OD (outer diameter) of the elastic rubber tubing, to meet the needs of people with different fitness basics.

If you are not quite sure about the resistance tube band specifications, CONTACT US now and get a quote for our standard levels of sleeved resistance bands.

  • Custom package

Although most people are happy with our regular opp bag package, we can also make other options to make your bands higher level, such as a mesh bag, nylon carrying case, or a colored gift box.

  • Custom logo

We can help to make a woven logo or a rubber logo on handle straps.

Keepufitness covered resistance tubing supplier custom colors

Note: custom resistance bands with nylon sleeve require a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), INQUIRY NOW TO get further details to bulk buy resistance bands with your company logo.

Keepufitness Sleeved Resistance Bands Advantages

Sleeved resistance bands can be used for bicep curls, triceps extensions, squats, rowing, chest exercises, rows to strengthen your back and more.

Interior resistance tube is 48″ long, made of 100% natural latex with dipped tubing technology, perfect for a variety of exercises at home and gym.

X-Light: 4 x 7 mm

Light: 4 x 9 mm

Medium: 6 x 11 mm

Heavy: 6 x 13 mm

X-Heavy: 6 x 13.8 mm

Protective sleeve is 144” long, 3 times of the elastic tubing. This nylon sheathing protects exercise tube from UV light,nicks, cuts, overstretching.

Ergonomic rubber handle with custom logo on strap, comfortable to grip and give you better support while doing personal training workouts.

Optional door anchor provide versatile stretch band exercises for leg, chest, arm and back. 

Keepufitness covered resistance tubing with handles and door anchor for buy in bulk

CONTACT US online or Email directly to [email protected] to get a fast quote for wholesale sleeved resistance bands.

Sleeved Resistance Bands Wholesale Supplier Factory

Sleeved Resistance Bands Wholesale Supplier Factory

More Designs of Exercise Resistance Bands Covered with Safety Sleeve
  • Safety sleeve resistance bands with integrated foam handles

Keepufitness Covered Elastic tubing with foam handles on both ends

This kind of covered exercise tubing is more suitable to beginners as they are quite easy to use, no need to assemble, just grip both handles and you can start workout routine.

  • Covered resistance bands connected with integrated rubber handles

Covered resistance bands connected with integrated rubber handles

This toning tube is assembled in a secure way so it won’t snap during body building process.

Nylon covered resistance bands with separate handles

The elastic tubing is with stainless steel clips on both ends, you can connect it to cable machine or a fitness bar for gym strength training. Or just use the separate handles for full body exercises at home.

Sample and Delivery

Stock sample can be shipped within 3 working days.

Custom sleeved resistance bands sample with logo or custom color will be shipped within 7 working days.

Delivery options: DHL, UPS, FedEx, air express.

Contact us now to get a Free Stock Sample to access quality.

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