Portable Suction Sit Up Bar for Floor


Portable Sit Up Bar For Floor Exercise Equipment To Lose Belly Fat

This sit up bar for floor is an affordable household fitness equipment which is used to assist your daily muscle training and body building. This adjustable sit up bar for floor is an exercise equipment more suitable to beginners who find it difficult to do standard sit ups in the correctly way. You can use the multi-function sports device to core training, push up, sidekick, sit-ups, backstretch, elbow plank, hip bridge, crunches.

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Specifications of sit up bar for floor:

Material: steel bar, thick anti-slip foam, rubber suction cup

Item weight: 1.28 KG

Item dimensions (L x W x H): 10.6 x 10.6 x 8.3inches

Package: cardboard box

Package dimensions: 12 x 5.3 x 6.1 inches

Height adjustment: 3 levels at 17cm, 19cm and 21cm

Color options: pink, green, purple, white, black, blue

Upgrade sit up bar for floor safety exercise:

Compared to traditional sit up bar, this upgrade one is with a support bar where you can put your heel on to prevent your feet touching on ground without protection.

Upgrade ergonomic design bar of double levers provides great heel force and double efficiency. High density foam-covered handle provides comfortable support for back of your feet, the lower lever is designed not only to prevent your heel from injury but massage your feet and relax the body.

The lower lever is also detachable if you prefer single lever or have bigger feet.

upgrade sit up bar KEEPUFITNESS
sit up assistant device from China Factory KEEPUFITNESS

Best sit up bar for floor with strong rubber cup to workout:

Super powerful suction: double suction cups are made of thickened rubber, each cup is 4.7 inches diameter and 5cm thick which is much bigger than most sit up bars you can find in the market. This bigger cup area provides stronger suction and good stability on floor.

The 2 self-suction cups ensure the sit up bar can stick to the floor firmly and support great force during your exercises. It is a creative facility which makes your home gym exercises more effective, more affordable, more convenient.

rubber cup for sit up bar KEEPUFITNESS good quality manufacturer

Portable and adjustable fitness equipment for body building:

The sit up bar is easy to install and disassemble, with 3 levels of height to meet different needs of workouts.

How do you install a sit up bar for floor?

  1. Choose clean and usable ground without water stains, make sure there are at least 27cm / 10.6 inches smooth space for the sit up bar.
  2. Wipe the ground with wet towel before use, cause dust and impurities will affect the power of the suction.
  3. Press down the product to remove the air while pulling the lever.
  4. Adjust the required height by using the height adjustable point.
  5. Lever up to release the sit up bar from floor after workouts.
how to install sit up bar from KEEPUFITNESS buying guide 2021

MULTI-FUNCTION: sit-up, elbow plank, push up, backstretch, supported shoulder stand, hip bridge.

how to use sit up bar for floor KEEPUFITNESS

Color options for portable sit up exercise equipment:

colors of sit up bar KEEPUFITNESS Factory for wholesale and retail resell supplier
Tips for adjustable suction sit up bar:

A sit up bar can be used only on smooth, clean, seamless floor.

Never use it on uneven floor.

Do not press into the cracks in the floor.

Wipe with wet towel before use.

Not suitable for yoga mat or blanket.

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