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With a wide selection of popular Exercise Bands in the fitness market, we provide one stop solutions for your business. Our principle is to make an access to quality, affordable equipment that enables all people to train effectively towards their goals.

At KEEPUFITNESS, you get excellent quality exercise bands at wholesale price, as you are working with a supplier capable of producing premium exercise bands with advanced technology. Meanwhile, we provide professional customization services like custom color, size, private label and package.

If you are

  • Looking for qualified exercise equipment to import and sell.
  • Looking for global sourcing to get your products at the cheapest price.
  • Looking for more business opportunity on fitness training market.

Then look no further! Browse our range of strength training essentials and tell us your requirements, we’ll make your thoughts come true.

Latex Resistance Bands

This is where we start: Latex exercise Bands and Tubes. We cooperate with global distributors and wholesalers, as well as big retailers on Amazon and eBay.

The exercise bands and resistance tubes are made of natural latex, NOT synthetic rubber.

Natural latex has better elasticity, higher tear strength, which is crucial to the quality of a band. The processing technology of latex bands is extremely complicated, and the requirements for latex collagen are also quite high. Our company has always pursued high-quality products in order to bring users a high-quality product experience. There are flat resistance bands for physical therapy, pull up bands and loop bands for full bodybuilding training.

Resistance Tubes

There are complete pack of resistance tubes wit door anchor, single resistance tubes with handles, home workout kit with toning bar, we get everything you need here.

Fabric Resistance Bands

Considering some people are allergic to latex, we bring out fabric training bands which is suitable to everyone. This upgrade material is more comfortable and friendly to skin. Fabric bands have many benefits like more durable, anti-slip, no many restrictions on storage conditions,etc. Exercise with booty bands are very popular for women who want to tone their legs and butt. Meanwhile, we keep developing new products to meet market needs, like Long Loop Bands for whole body training, Narrow Loop Bands to overcome shortage of latex mini loops.

Further more, we are open to new creative ideas. If you have any customized design or interested in a product which you cannot find on our website, welcome to discuss with our professional technical team. We are always more than pleased to support you.

Yoga Equipment

In this category you’ll find the complete line of yoga gear an essential yoga accessories, such as yoga mat,foam roller, yoga ring, yoga block, yoga ball, yoga stretch strap, yoga wheel. All the products are carefully selected from direct factories with over 15 years experience, we make a collection here so you don’t need to wast time communicating with different suppliers. KEEPUFITNESS is your one-stop solution.

Home Exercise Equipment

After years of developing, more and more clients tend to purchase other home exercise products through KEEPUFITNESS, we are acting as a sourcing agent in China because of our familiar with domestic factories and our reliable reputation. Inspired by direct customer feedback, we launch this line including portable and effective facility which are widely used at home. Whats more, we keep developing new trending products and bring them to you.

If you are looking for a reliable partner with best support, you already find us! KEEPUFITNESS are dedicated to be leading supplier, bring you premium exercise bands and home workout products from China, save your cost and maximum your profit. Don’t hesitate to send your inquiry, let’s discuss further!


Manufacturer of custom fabric resistance bands, latex exercise bands, toning resistance tubes, and other portable fitness accessories for your business.

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