Resistance Bands Wholesale Suppliers -6 Steps Select Guide

Resistance Bands Wholesale Suppliers -6 Steps Select Guide

No one deny that choosing a good supplier for your products is a critical business decision. A qualified wholesale supplier for resistance bands can save you money and time by providing high standard product, reasonable price, on-time delivery, as well as good custom service. On the contrary, a substandard vendor causes a lot of headaches, and ultimately lead to loss of your customers.

When we talk about where to find resistance bands wholesale suppliers, the first option that most buyers think of must be China. Even though there are other choices, especially Southeast Asia countries, considering stable production capacity and rich export experience, exercise resistance bands manufacturers in China can definitely provide you better purchasing experience.

You may read many blogs teaching you how to choose good supplier for your business. But we write this article from a different point of view. We, as an experienced qualified resistance bands manufacturer, help you to make decision simply in 6 steps.

Main Types of Elastic Exercise Bands Vendor

To make things easier to understand, we divide workout bands vendor, according to their business type, into the following categories.

  1. Workout bands manufacturer (direct factory)

They source raw materials as well as necessary accessories and then transform into finished natural latex resistance bands and fabric resistance bands for wholesale. From raw material purchasing, processing, production, assembly, packaging, all steps are completed in one wholesale resistance bands factory.

Pros: Working with direct factory of exercise bands has many benefits such as production is under control, and price is lower than a middle distributor.

Part of fabric resistance bands manufacturers who have R&D capacities can accept bulk order of custom resistance bands with logo.

Cons: Elastic exercise bands manufacturers have their shortcomings. Because of the mechanized production line, they always ask for a Minimum Order Quantity over 1000pcs or even more. Small quantity orders are not really get their attention.

Besides, there are a large part of leading factory producing premium resistance bands for 20+ years have no export authority, which means they only do domestic business and you are not likely to find them on Google.

KEEPUFITNESS is a wholesale resistance bands manufacturer in China, having rich experience exporting to USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. We supply custom printing private label exercise bands with LOW MOQ, fast delivery, and reasonable price.

2. Exercise bands wholesaler

Wholesaler is like a middle man between direct manufacturer and the retailer. They buy resistance bands in bulk from producing factory and distribute to retailers or online store owners.

Generally speaking, their MOQ requirement is lower than the factory. Price, of cause, is slightly higher than a fitness resistance bands manufacturer.

Meanwhile, their customization service has certain limitations, especially when related to product design. If you have ever tried to purchase toing tube from China, you may know that not every wholesaler can do customization on resistance tube dimensions or colors. Only professional manufacturer of tube resistance bands with R&D capacity can meet your need.

However, if you simply want to do private label or put your company logo on workout bands, then most of wholesaler can accept this.

The other advantage of resistance bands wholesaler is that normally they provide other related fitness exercise accessories for home and gym. It’s helpful for your business to select a supplier like this, because you don’t need to spend time searching again when you want to offer new products at a later date.

KEEPUFITNESS supply portable home gym accessories such as ankle straps, handles and door anchors for resistance bands, and yoga essentials, all sourcing from qualified factories and we do inspection before shipping to you. If you are selling different product categories, contact us now and see what we can do for you.

3. Fitness resistance bands retailer

Some of you may want to find an elastic resistance bands retailer who can do drop-shipping service. This kind of business is quite popular on some social media platforms, but you should be aware of loosing your customers. It’s quite simple for these retailers to take your customers away as they have all your customers information (name, address, phone number).

KEEPUFITNESS only do wholesaling and we protect your personal information, your competitors will never know that you order bulk exercise resistance bands from us.

Confirm Your Order Quantity of Resistance Bands Wholesale

By understanding the type of suppliers, you can narrow down the choices by confirming how many elastic exercise bands you want to order.

For bulk orders over 1000pcs, you can contact a direct manufacturer of resistance training bands to negotiate a quite low price.

For less quantity purchasing, a resistance bands wholesaler may more suitable to you, as they are flexible on MOQ, and may also help you expand to more relevant products to boost your profit margins. Further more, there is a great chance that you will get better customer service from a wholesaler.

It’s not true that the bigger the factory, the better they are. The important thing is if they care about your orders like you do, or in other words, if they are willing to make efforts to meet your special request and make you satisfied with the purchase. In fact, if your order,relatively speaking, is not a large one to those big factory, they are more inclined to spend more resources on other bigger orders prior to you.

Confirm Your Order Type: Regular or Custom Resistance Bands

When ordering regular products with standard color / size / package, you should consider more about quality and delivery time. Most of manufacturers and wholesalers have enough stock for regular products, or need short time like 7-10 days for fast production.

According to our export experience, if someone buy resistance bands in bulk for home gym, they are more likely to order custom printing resistance bands with private logo and package. When we talk about personalized exercise bands, the supplier is professional or not is the first thing you should consider.

We suggest you to buy customized elastic resistance bands from China direct manufacturer, as they have better performance in controlling the production process and final bands quality. Meanwhile, because their professional knowledge of resistance bands, they can get your point quickly and sometimes provide a better proposal.

Find Wholesale Vendors of Resistance Bands through Google

When you google suppliers, you can try words like “exercise bands wholesale manufacturer in China”, “custom printing resistance bands bulk China factory”, “workout bands wholesale distributor”, ignore retail suppliers and B2B platforms which would get you lost in hundreds of choices. Keep your specific needs in mind (order quantity, customization, expected delivery time) and let those who fail these requirements go. In this way you can narrow down the showing results and make a short list of “To be determined” companies.

Visit Exercise Bands Wholesaler Website and Get Contact

Now you can check the company website one by one to select further.

A professional supplier of good quality resistance bands wholesale must have a simple and clear product category. If there are only category of natural latex resistance or fabric resistance bands, then it most likely to be a manufacturer in China. If there are more than 3 different categories on the website, it may be a resistance bands wholesale distributor.

Another standard is if the website mentioned words like “custom”, “private label”, “logo printing”, if so, then it most likely is an bulk elastic resistance bands China factory.

Then you move to the page of About US to get more information about this company. Most exercise bands manufacturers will put their factory images and product certificates here, as well as brief company introduction, production capacity, and their main market. So you can tell their business model (B2B or B2C) and if it fits your requirements.

After getting above information, you can try to contact them through email, whatsapp, or phone call to discuss further about your order. When you talk, you can easily know if the person is professional on fitness resistance bands, and feel if you like to make deal with them. Ask more questions about production capacity, customization ability, pricing options, delivery time, after-sale service, payment term, business term (FOB or CIF), and try to get as much useful information as possible to help you make the final decision.

Get Samples from Wholesale Vendors for Resistance Bands

Finally, after discussion with several suppliers, you can ask samples for resistance bands and test quality by yourself. When gathering samples, you get the chance to experience their business process before real order resistance bands in bulk. Things like failed agreed delivery time, damaged samples, poor package, not reply your message or email on time, these signs showing that you’d better reconsider working with them.

As a bulk resistance bands wholesale manufacturer, we believe it’s fair that we provide free samples and the buyer pay freight cost. So don’t skimp 30USD on shipping otherwise you will miss a lot of good quality resistance bands vendors in China.

In the End

By the time you read this, you already know how to pick a China supplier of resistance bands wholesale for your online business, but please don’t overlook the fact that any business is about people. Be sure to find a person who is professional in products, familiar with foreign trade processes, and have the right to make decision during negotiation, which can help you save a lot of time and money. You can also turn to him or her for help when you need to source other products from China.

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