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Top Reliable Resistance Tubes Wholesale Manufacturer and Supplier In China

We manufacture quality resistance tubes, exercise bands with handles with custom logo for global distributors, retailers, sports equipment shops, and resellers on Amazon and Shopify.

If you are looking to expand your business in fitness market, Keepufitness is your reliable source of wholesale resistance tubes in China. We supply best selling resistance tubes with handles, bulk tonging tubes, and all kinds of tube resistance bands for arm, chest, back, triceps and shoulder exercises.

Best Selling Exercise Resistance Tubes With Handles - Customization Service

resistance tubes for exercise wholesale manufacturer China

Our resistance tube bands could be a perfect solution for your business. Our team will work with you to make resistance tubing products with your specific requirements. 

  • Resistance tube strength & color

Our exercise tubing is available in a wide range of resistance levels, which are marked with certain color coding.

You can choose from our standard colors or make a custom Pantone color of elastic tube.

  •  Band tubing length

Normally our resistance bands with handles is 4 feet long. You can custom other lengths to meet your specific needs.

  • Wide range of attached handles and hooks

We offer cost-effective foam handle, stronger ABS handle and high quality rubber handle for your choice. Besides, there are different types of  hooks assembling to your chosen handle.

  • Custom logo & package

We are able to make tube bands with your company logo, also can make fully customized package to meet your sales needs.

  • Complement accessories

We get extra door attachment, ankle straps, carrying bag, workout bar and other fitness exercise accessories for your business promotion.

Get in touch with us and find out the best solution to increase your sales.

Bulk Buy Resistance Tubes for Exercise from Certificated Manufacturing Factory

Discover a diverse selection of exercise tubing bands for resistance training and fitness workout, including resistance bands with handles, bulk thera tubes, resistance tube set, and safety toning tubes with protective covering.

Wholesale price, fast door delivery, and flexible customization are key benefits of bulk buy exercise tubes and resistance bands from Keepufitness wholesale factory.

We help our consumers create custom resistance tube bands in their specific colors and dimensions with custom logo or personalized package for resell online or in store.


Why Our Exercise Tubes & Resistance Bands Different from Other Suppliers?

Keepufitness BSCI certificated manufacturing factory 

KEEPUFITNESS manufacture toning tubes with natural latex formula and advanced continuous dip-molding process, to ensure the quality which lead to a longer life span. Our exercise tubes are lightweight, resilient, and ideal for repeated use of resistance training and rehabilitation.

exercise tube resistance bands manufacturing factory China
bulk exercise tubing supplier China Keepufitness

Reputable bulk exercise tubing supplier trusted by well-known brands

Years of experience in manufacturing resistance tubing bands for global retail brands makes us one of the main exporter in China, we offer reasonable wholesale price and fast delivery to most regions of the globe.

Bulk Exercise tubes & bands for wholesale available in diverse colors and resistance levels

You get an access to custom resistance training tube bands with your specific requirements. Keepufitness will produce personalized toning tubes to separate your brand from general ones in the market.

Customization service includes:

Custom Pantone color

Custom tube bands dimensions

Custom logo & branding for resistance bands with handles

Custom ready-to-sell package

latex elastic tube for exercise bands wholesale
wholesale exercise bands custom manufacturer factory storage

Sufficient ready stock for global fast delivery

To guarantee our consumers fast sales, we make ready stock for best selling exercise tubing in large quantities. When you place an order, we will do custom branding (if needed) and ship your order in 7 – 10 business days.

With the help of professional shipping agents, we provide door to door delivery at good rates to USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia and other regions of the globe.

Are you looking for a qualified resistance tubes manufacturer to support your business? Contact us now to talk with our experts for a perfect solution for your company or to request a sample.

Top Rated Wholesale Exercise Resistance Tubes From Qualified Factory

Wholesale Resistance Tubes Bulk Order Instruction For Importers

Do you want to buy bulk resistance tubing and get confused with multiple varieties of resistance tubes and suppliers?

We got you! Read this definitive buying guide before you make any decision. It will save you much time and help you avoid being cheated when selecting a resistance tube supplier to work with.

How To Distinguish The Quality Of Resistance Tube From Supplier?

  • Touch the stretch tube. A good quality elastic tube should have a smooth and bright surface. The color of a whole piece of tubing should be exactly the same.
  • Test the elasticity and durability. Premium quality workout tubes are made of natural latex, which can be stretched to at least 600%. On the contrary, a TPR tubing can be stretched to only 2-3 times, which would definitely limit your exercise.
  • Check the accessories. Normally exercise tube bands are assembled with a hook or directly to handles. You should bear in mind every single piece of a band exerciser should be in good quality.

 KEEPUFITNESS manufacture resistance tube bands with advanced production technology, to guarantee the textured surface and tube endurance. Our toning resistance tubes are approved by REACH, ROHS, ISO9001, CE, making them ideal for global trading.

How to Select The Best Resistance Tubes Manufacture Factory In China?

Following below tips will help you choose the most suitable resistance tube supplier for your business.

  • Choose NATURAL LATEX material.

Not all resistance tubes are made equal. First of first you should choose natural latex tubing rather than synthetic rubber. Latex material has good physical and mechanical properties, which has less risk of snapping or get your clients hurt.

  • Choose a resistance tube factory with customization services

You won’t win more business if supply the same products like all your competitors do. We offer a wide range of customization to set you apart from the market and help you attract more customers.

  • Test samples before bulk order.

Try to get samples from different resistance tube suppliers, during this process you can inspect their reply time, professional knowledge in the industry, and their product quality. KEEPFUTNESS is happy to provide samples with your company logo for quality review.

How To Storage Resistance Tubes When You Bulk Buy From China?

Most of KEEPUFITNESS clients are ordering thousands pieces / bundles to save shipping cost. And many of them are asking how to storage the resistance tube. Here are some guides.

  • Store in a dry, ventilated, and away from strong light.
  • Place them in an orderly manner and do not squeeze each other, because squeezing each other can easily deform the product.
  • Keep them away from gasoline and diesel.
  • Avoid mixing with sharp materials to avoid scratching the surface of the tube.

All training tubes shipped from KEEPUFITNESS are packaged properly to save your time and effort. You have the right to ask for compensation if there’s any damage or quality problem.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of Resistance Tubes for Wholesale?

Before they place order, our customers often ask, what are the differences between high price and low price of tubing? Now combined with many years of resistance tube sales experience, we will introduce to you the factors that affect the price.

  • Keep in mind of the elastic tubes material

There are many factories use Synthetic Rubber to lower cost. Some others are using China domestic latex. However, KEEPUFITNESS are using Natural Latex from Malaysia to guarantee the best quality, in the meantime, the cost is highest among them all.

  • Varied Resistance Tube Specifications

Although all tube bands are indicating resistance levels as Light, Medium, Heavy, the tube specifications vary from different suppliers. If possible, please ask the exercise tube suppliers to provide the exact tube dimensions when you comparing prices.

  • Resistance Tube Manufacturer Capacity

Supplier’s cost is an important factor of the final product price. The overall cost of a large-scale factory is definitely higher than the cost of a small workshop. Well, this doesn’t mean everyone should find a large factory. You’d better find someone suitable to your current business scale. With years experience in global trading, Keepufitness make a good balance between quality and price. You’ll benefit from our experience in resistance tubing industry.

  • Accessories quality are different.

Many resistance tubes are assembled with metal clips, door anchor, ankle straps, handles. The prices are quite different from top quality to poor ones. You’d better check real images from the producer or get a sample to compare carefully. 

  • The difference between good and bad after-sale services.

Ordering from China is common but not easy. The last thing you want is your vendor disappear or don’t reply to your message. Compressive after-sale service is what KEEPUFITNESS values very much. You can always get a on time communication for any questions related to resistance tube, no matter before or after you order.

We Look Forward To Supporting Your Business

Buy in bulk and save shipping on all resistance tubes, exercise bands from wholesale manufacturer in China.

Specialized in custom resistance bands with high profit margin, Keepufitness is the source for fitness equipment distributors, online retail stores and anyone who want to expand business into fitness market.

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