With the continuous development of the epidemic,people value health more than ever.More and more people are focusing on good fitness and better body condition.While in this special period,doing home workout is a better option instead of going to public gym.Resistance bands are your best and most easy to start tool for your training routine.Exercise resistance band is very popular in recent years because it suit everyone from beginner to athletes as it provides progressively resistance levels.

What are the types of Resistance Band?

From the material point of view,there are 3 main types of fitness resistance bands in the market: Latex,TPE,Fabric.

Latex exercise bands are the first kind of exercise bands and they hold as much as 90% market until today.Latex is a natural rubber extracted from rubber trees and further processed in different sizes and colors.Latex exercise band price varies according to raw rubber output and labor cost.

TPE,also knowns as non latex exercise bands,is a synthetic material to replace natural latex.The greatest feature of TPE resistance band is low price.Compared with natural latex which need people to collect rubber and other complicated processes,TPE is man-made and the price doesn’t change much.There’s one thing you should know,TPE resistance band has only half elasticity of a latex exercise band.When you stretch a TPE band you’ll feel it limits some of your workouts.

Fabric resistance band is a new trend of exercise elastic band.It’s the best strength band to those who are allergic to latex.Different from Latex bands and TPE bands which are made by fixed mold,fabric resistance bands are produced by weaving machine,it’s a long continues webbing and cut into certain length and sew the cut ends together.Thanks to this production process,you get more flexible choices on elastic exercise band length,width and it’s tensions.

How do I choose the best and right fitness resistance bands?

It depends on what kind of exercises you want to do and if you are a beginner or an expert.

Mini loop bands set combines 5 levels which is suitable to those who use elastic exercise bands first time.This bundle is friendly to a beginner because it’s small and light weighted.Doing chest and back exercise with a resistance band helps to improve your workout intensity in a different way.

1 Mini Loop Exercise Band set of 5

Power Loop Band is a heavy duty resistance band good for core training,pull ups,push ups and muscle training.This kind of stretch band is suitable for people with certain exercise experience.All of power loop bands are 41 inches length 4.5mm thickness,with a specific color code for each tension,below details are for your reference when choose the one you need.

Yellow band: 0.25 inches width with 5-10lbs

Red band: 0.5 inches width with 15-35lbs

Black band: 0.8 inches width with 20-70lbs

Purple band: 1.26 inches width with 35-85lbs

Green band: 1.77 inches width with 50-125lbs

Blue band: 2.5 inches width with 65-175lbs

2 pull up assist band

Fabric hip circle band is ideal for  target, tone and shape the glutespeople who wants to tone and shape the glutes.You are suggested to use this hip resistance band for warm up,glute activation and lower body workouts.It’s wider circle band with anti-slip.What should be aware of is that a hip exercise band is a thick webbing which is not as flexible as a latex exercise band,thus it’s not able to be stretched too much,more often used for small margin of exercises like monster walks,hip band squats,hip circle kickbacks.

3 hip exercise band

What are the buying and using tips for a resistance band?

• Do not buy cheap resistance bands which have the risk of getting injured during exercises if a band snaps suddenly.
• Choose fabric exercise bands if you are allergic to latex.
• Choose the supplier who has qualified workshop,years of experience for a resistance band,strict quality control process,most importantly,with good communication.Even if there’s any problem you can always talk to someone in the supply team.
• Avoid supplier who offer single color or thickness level.An experienced manufacturer are capable of doing multi options according to different market needs.
• Resistance bands,especially the latex ones,are consumable fitness accessories.Always check your bands before your workout.Stop using a band when there are seams,cracks or holes.

Keep the Latex Bands away from ultraviolet radiation.

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