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Who We Are

Keepufitness is manufacturer of custom resistance bands and exercise band with grips, also a reliable fitness accessories supplier trusted by hundreds of global distributors and retail stores.

What We Do

Operating in China since its founding in 2017, Keepufitness continually focus on supplying customization solution for wholesale resistance bands orders (start from 100 units). We are committed to support your business growth by providing personalized exercise bands and resistance training products, help you create exceptional products for your clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Why Choose Us

As a leading custom resistance bands manufacturer, we know that high quality products are essential to your business success. Therefore, we only use high quality eco-friendly material to produce our exercise bands, which are designed to last and fully conforms to ISO9001, REACH, ROHS, CE quality standards.

Furthermore, excellent customer service is our guarantee to let you enjoy a friendly, efficient, and professional experience when purchasing wholesale resistance bands from Keepufitness.

Our Core Values

  • Be accessible – Always listen to our customers and help them achieve better success.
  • Be grateful – We are grateful to our customers for choosing us as a supplier.
  • Continue to improve – Keep improving our expertise to bring real value to our customers.

Product Selection

Custom Resistance Bands Supplier Factory

As a professional resistance band manufacturing factory, we make all of our products with the principle: thrive in high volume use.

Many of our clients faced problems before they find us, such as band snapping, failed lead time, lack of communication with the vendor. These cause them lose not only money but also their company reputation.

We are here to humiliate these issues and make fitness equipment purchasing easier. 

  • We provide large range of fitness products from resistance bands and exercise accessories to yoga essentials. One step for everything.
  • We save you time by making digital mock up to make sure you get what you really want.
  • Our door to door delivery make global trading available to everyone. Our logistics team will handle shipping until you receive the commodity.

Ready To Expand Your Business with Private Label Resistance Bands?

We offer resistance bands with your company logo, exceptional products, personalized branding, and top-notch customer support to take your business to the next level.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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Manufacturer of custom fabric resistance bands, latex exercise bands, toning resistance tubes, and other portable fitness accessories for your business.

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